auto-translate 地狱的死亡者Onozaki的传说仍然存在于这个世界,而且建立在黑...



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auto-translate The legend of Hell &39;s deathman Onozaki remains in this world and the temple built on the boundary of the underworld, Torinoeno was known as a place of funeral with Shinano and Rondoteno. Matsubara-dori, a former Gojo-dori gate, was a passageway to carry a dead body to Torihinno. Various legends remain in the neighborhood of this temple which was regarded as the entrance when going to the nether world from this world. In the Heian era, from the Gojyasaka to the now foot of Amida Mogamine around Kumano was the place of funeral located in the east of Kyoto called Toriemono. When people died, the citizens paid the dead in the coffin, crossed the Kamogawa river, and carried out the legal requirements of Nogei at the Rokkaido Denshuji which is the path leading to Torinoeno. After the last farewell in this place, I brought it to the foot of Torigoroyama which is the place of the funeral by the birds. Because of such a custom, the vicinity of the Rikuji was referred to as the "Rokuto no Tsuji" since the Middle Ages, and it was regarded as the entrance to the other world (the nether world). This Rokugo refers to the world after the death of Buddhism, the Buddhist message of the Buddhism, which refers to the six worlds of Hell, Ghost, Duma, Shura, Human, and Celestial World. The sentient beings are said to go to one of the Rokugo by deeds of right and wrong after death, the Victory Temple will be the entrance to these six kinds of the underworld, here is the feeling of the human being&39;s unnaturalness and frankness " It is believed to be a branch point of this world ". There is another legend related to this temple and the nether world. It was a bureaucrat in the early Heian period and Onozaki, who was supposed to serve Enma the Great, used this well in the garden of Doksuji temple and went to the night scene. In addition, there are also customs that sometimes as an exit there used the well of Fukushiji temple in Rokudo-machi in front of the Daikakuji gate in Sagano until about Meiji period. In recent years "Yomogari no well" which is said to have been used at the exit of the return road from the shadow was also discovered from the adjacent private land (old borders).

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auto-translate 地狱的死亡者Onozaki的传说仍然存在于这个世界,而且建立在黑社会边界的寺庙,Torinoeno被称为与信浓和Rondoteno的葬礼地点。前Gojo-dori门的Matsubara-dori是向Torihinno运送尸体的通道。这座寺庙附近还有各种各样的传说,当从这个世界前往幽冥世界时,它被视为入口。在平安时代,从Gojyasaka到现在脚下的Amida Mogamine周围Kumano是位于京都东部的名为Toriemono的葬礼地点。当人们死亡时,公民在棺材中支付了死者,越过了鸭川河,并在通往都灵诺的小路的北海道登树寺执行了Nogei的法律要求。在这个地方的最后一次告别之后,我把它带到了Torigoroyama山脚下,那里是鸟类的葬礼地点。由于这样的习俗,自中世纪以来,Rikuji附近被称为“Rokuto no Tsuji”,它被视为另一个世界(幽冥世界)的入口。这个Rokugo是指佛教死后的世界,佛教的佛教信息,指的是地狱,幽灵,杜马,修罗,人类和天体世界的六个世界。据说有情人死后会以正确与错误的行为去往六谷之一,胜利殿将成为这六种黑社会的入口,这就是人类不自然和坦率的感觉“它被认为是这个世界的分支点“。还有另一个与这座寺庙和幽冥世界有关的传说。在平安时代早期,这是一个官僚,应该服务于Enma the Great的Onozaki在Doksuji寺的花园里使用这个井,然后去了夜景。另外,也有一些习俗,有时作为出口,在佐贺县的大学寺门前使用Rokudo-machi的Fukushiji寺的井直到明治时期。近年来,从邻近的私人土地(旧边界)也发现了“Yomogari no well”,据说已经在阴影的回程出口处使用了它。

地獄 の冥官小野篁 の伝説が残る 現世と冥界の境界に建つ寺

古来、化野蓮台野 とともに風葬 の地として知られていた鳥辺野
かっての五条通であった門前の松原通 は鳥辺野へ亡骸を運ぶ際の通
平安時代五条坂 から今熊野 あたりの阿弥陀ヶ峰 の麓一帯は鳥辺野と
呼ばれる京の東に位置する葬送 の地であった。
都人 たちは、人が亡くなると亡骸を棺に納め、鴨川 を渡り、鳥辺野へ
至る道筋にあたる六道珍皇寺 にて野辺の送りの法要を行い、この地で
そんな風習のためか珍皇寺 の辺りを中世以降「六道の辻 」と称し、
他界(冥界 )への入り口とされてきた。
この六道とは、仏教の說く六道輪廻 の死後の世界のことで、地獄・
の官僚で、閻魔大王 に仕えたとされる小野篁 は、この珍皇寺の庭の井戸
峨野大覚寺 門前の六道町に明治頃まであった福生寺の井戶を使った
との俗說もある。近年隣接民有地(旧境內地)より、冥途 からの帰路の


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