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auto-translate Poll tax stone 0/1921 visited Miyako folklorist, Yanagita was consistency of Hainan and small in this Stela called just hanging stone (stone forming station) and "tax levied and reaches a height of stone measuring the stature with this stone.
"With are introduced.
In 1637 the Ryukyu King Government enacted poll tax system to the Islands (Miyako and Yaeyama).
This tax is to levy tax (millet, textiles) relative to population (population) were and paid tax officials likening the, regardless of 1659 to increase or decrease the number of 'flat-rate poll tax"system becomes and the age in 1710, ( 15-year-old-50-year-old ) as now made imposition of tax (man's fabric grain and the woman). This poll tax system is obsolete due to 1, new tax law enforcement January 1903 ( 0/1903 ). Is not why the unclear whether this stone was called just hanging stone-poll tax and childhood before age of poll tax, namely the officer seen were levying tax on or the sort of measure "imposed taxes as the height of the stone, and that previously may have been,.
Today, on this Stele ringleaders stones besides the House God, Sun stone figure root point, many theories not being. Hirara City economics, Commerce, industry and Tourism Division

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auto-translate 人头税石
0/1921年参观宫庙会、 田健是海南的一致性和小的在这 Stela 叫只是挂石头 (石头形成站) 和"征收税并到达高度测量与这石头身材的石头。"与介绍。
在 1637 年,琉球国王政府颁布的人头税系统对群岛 (宫古、 八重山)。
这种税是徵税 (小米、 纺织品) 人口 (人口) 是和支付税务官员比作,不论 1659 年要增加或减少的数量 ' 平率人头税"系统变得和在 1710 年,年龄 15-year-old-50-year-old) 和现在一样作出征收税 (男人的织物谷物和女人)。
此人头税系统已过时由于 1,新税务执法 1 月 1903年 0/1903年)。不是为什么不清楚是否这石头叫只挂着石头人头税和童年之前的人头税时代,即看到该人员被征收税或测度排序的"征收税作为高度的石头,并且,以前可能是。今天上神家除了这石碑头目石,, 太阳石图根点上,不是许多理论。
Hirara 城市经济学、 商业、 工业和旅游司

大正10年に宮古を訪れた民俗学者・柳田國男 は、「海南小記」の中でこの石柱を「ぶばかり石(賦測石)」と称し、「この石で背丈を測って石の高さに達すると税を賦課された。」との伝承を紹介しています。
1637年、琉球王府 は先島(宮古・八重山)に人頭税制を施行しました。


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