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auto-translate Land of the praying land · land of the odd soldier · the west end of Honshu Guardian Daigaku Shinto shrine festival god Kin Hana Saki Yayoi god old god old year old god Young person God holiday sail festival January 1st Setsubun festival February 3rd day Example festival 4 Friday the thirteenth day of the summer festival Friday the 24th of July and the 25th Fall Festival on October 25th October 17th (Monthly Festival of the Old New Year 13th and 14th) Monday Friday, January 15th Morning six ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 We asked for a pilgrimage, planted Komatsu at Ariakeama (near the east exit of JR Shimonoseki Station), where Heikekee will arrange the setting up, burn a fire, fire a spirit of Nii Night (also called Seven Night Night) I prayed. Afterwards, with the mulberry bow and arrow poured the prayer, the Heike army led by the Pacific Sculhett was shot into the war of the open war. The surprised Heike Army suddenly challenged the battle ship to Dannoura and fought a battle but said that it was unlikely that it fell in tune with the caught fire between the army of the source men who had been waiting and the Yoshitsune Army. In the next year &39;s second year of Bunraku (1868), the fisherman&39; s four fishermen revered the wishes of Yoshitsune &39;s prayers and worshiped the shrines, which is the origin of the Oji shrine. From then on, the divine authority as a god of Takedune Nagaku benefits the brilliance, during the third year of Bunkyu (1863), during the Battle of Magusa, a magical soldier formed at Shingichiro Shiraishi by Mr. Shinsaku Takasugi advocate And it was brave for the great work of Ishin Kakuten. At that time the battle flag of the flag soldier was dedicated to the Oji shrine. Although it became a battle with the Shikoku association fleet, it was the first year of former Motomachi (1864), but Shoichiro donated a torii by praying for his fulfillment. (Torii Yokosumi Detailed Sumitomo) Afterwards with the development of Shimonoseki During the Showa Era (1940) Kanmon Railway Tunnel construction, the company land was taken over by the railroad track site and was transferred to the current hill, It is finally high and is said to be a god of guilt at the westernmost tip of Honshu. Especially since it is the only company that has a connection with Genji in Shimonoseki, it has been worshiped as a god of winning since ancient times, and is now widely known as a company of fulfillment. Inari Shrine five companies Inari shrine holiday spring and autumn day Hakko child · Yasaka shrine festival October 10 festival seventh festival festival festival festival national holiday seventy-seventh day prayers various festivals prizes wishes various prayers mischief launch traffic safety mischief launch car bass production first Miyake Satoru Takashiro Business prosperity Local procurement festival Exclave direction excluded Other consultations available Reception 083-223-0104 Votive Takamatsu Hinodeko --- Shinto shrine

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auto-translate 祈祷之地·奇兵之地·本州卫士大学神社神仙节神哈娜萨基弥生神老神老年神年轻人神节日风帆节1月1日节日节日2月3日示例节日4星期五,即7月24日星期五,十月十七日,十月十五日,十月十五日,十月二十五日(十一月十五日),星期五,一月十五日,星期五___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0我们要求朝觐,在Ariakeama(JR下关站东口附近)种植小松,Heikekee将在那里安排设置,燃烧火,点燃Nii之夜精神(也称为七夜之夜)我祈祷随后,随着桑树弓箭倾倒的祈祷,由太平洋斯库尔特率领的黑克军队开枪打入了公开战争的战争。令人惊讶的海克军突然向Dannoura挑战战斗并进行了一场战斗,但表示它不太可能与已经等待的战士和Yoshitsune军队之间的火力发生冲突。在明年的Bunraku(1868年)的第二年,渔民的四名渔民尊重Yoshitsune祈祷的愿望并崇拜神社,这是神社的起源。从那时起,作为Takedune Nagaku之神的神圣权威,在Bunkyu(1863年)的第三年,在Magusa战役期间,由Shinsaku Takasugi先生倡导的Shirichiro Shiraishi形成的一名神奇士兵,有利于辉煌。对于Ishin Kakuten的伟大工作来说,这是勇敢的。那时,国旗士兵的战旗是献给王子神社的。虽然它成为与四国协会舰队的战斗,但它是前元町(1864年)的第一年,但是Shoichiro通过祈祷他的实现捐赠了一个牌坊。 (Torii Yokosumi详细的住友)随后下关的发展在昭和时代(1940年)的Kanmon铁路隧道建设期间,公司的土地被铁路轨道站点接管并被转移到现在的山上,它终于很高了,据说在本州最西端是一个内疚之神。特别是因为它是唯一与下关的源氏有联系的公司,因此自古以来就被视为胜利之神,现在被广泛认为是一个实现的公司。稻荷神社五家公司稻荷神社假日春秋日哈科儿童·八坂神社节10月10日节日第7节日节日节日国庆节第七十七天祈祷各种节日奖品各种祈祷恶作剧发射交通安全恶作剧发射汽车低音制作Miyake Satoru Takashiro商业繁荣本地采购节日除外的兴奋方向其他可用的咨询接待083-223-0104 Votive Takamatsu Hinodeko ---神社

義経必勝祈願の地・奇兵隊 旗揚げの地・本州最西端守護
御祭神 木花咲耶姫神  大歳神 御歳神 若歳神
 歳旦祭 一月一日
 節分祭 二月三日
 例大祭 四月十三日
 夏越祭 七月二十四日・二十五日
 秋祭  十月十七日
 (御斎祭 旧正月十三日・十四日)
 月次祭 毎月一日・十五日 朝六時半 参列自由 ※元旦除く

 寿永四年(一一八五年)、平家追討の任務を受けた源義経 は、壇ノ浦の合戦
望んで武運の守護神と仰ぐ富士浅間の大神の御神助を請い、平家 が布陣を整
 その後、祈念を注いだ桑の弓矢をもって平知盛 率いる平家軍に開戦の矢文
 驚いた平家軍は急遽、壇ノ浦 に軍船を進め一戦を挑んだが、待機していた
源範頼 の軍勢と義経軍との挟み撃ちに合い、敢え無く滅亡したと云う。
馬関攘夷戦に際しては、高杉晋作 の唱導により奇兵隊が氏子・白石正一郎宅
 殊に、下関において源氏 と縁のある唯一のお社であることから、古来より勝

摂末社 五社稲荷神社  祭日 春秋の午の日
    蛭子・八坂神社 祭日 十月十日
顕彰祭 七卿顕彰祭   祭日 三月二十七日
奉祭 必勝祈願 厄除開運 交通安全 厄除開運 子授 安産 初宮詣
社業隆昌 商売繁盛 地鎮祭 家祓 方位除 他 各種相談承ります
受付 083-223-0104
                 奉納 高松日出子


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