auto-translate 房屋(大冢)房屋[商店部分]凯达住宿有一条大致笔直的道路,但在北...



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auto-translate Houses (Otsuya) Housing [Store part] The Kaida lodging has a roughly straight road, but at the northern end it curves much like a bending wheel. The Kuno family is located at its curved end. According to the record, the inn is hit by about four times big fire and earthquake since the opening ceremony, and it has revived every time. According to Edo, this house said that the second year of Ansei (185) endured the Great Edo Earthquake. Fortunately, I could escape the big fire of Meiji 3 (1880). Since then I&39;ve been watching the transition of the post office at this place. Although it is a somewhat small building, inside the inn, it is a town store building that conveys the old form. The residential part was rebuilt for future generations but the store part has been left due to the strong feelings of the owner. The exterior is a flat-incised gable-tile roof, which is not completed as "finished cabinet" which is thickly painted in the soil found in the so-called Kawagoe castle, but the combination of the store part and the resident part in the form of a character Machiya architecture "). Facing the highway, we get off the roof-shaped shop in front of the main road on the side of the main entrance (girder), the interior (girder), the interior of the depth (train). It seems that the roof is suppressed to be relatively low because the part corresponding to the second floor was not conscious of living and living. From the relation with the frontage to the site with deep depth, the back side, both sides are the earth wall, the opening is closed only half of the front half and half of the back (connection with the residential part). In front of the entrance and exit "double lid door" which is shared with both doors was used, and sunlight reached the interior of the shop when fully opened. When entering the interior, large "girders" are engraved vertically and horizontally, showing powerfulness not seen in contemporary architecture. Looking over the highway from the inside, it seems that a thick pillar or a girder breaks the light like a picture frame and the relaxed time seems to flow. I&39;d like you to enjoy the time slip of a moment. On the second floor (the back side of the hut), the cabin building is exposed, and at the two places on the side of the road, a slight lighting part is secured, but it may have been used for storage of luggage etc as seen from the place not equipped with elevating facilities.

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auto-translate 房屋(大冢)房屋[商店部分]凯达住宿有一条大致笔直的道路,但在北端,它的弯曲很像弯曲轮。 Kuno家族位于弯曲的一端。根据记录,该酒店自开幕式以来大约四次大火和地震,并且每次都复活。根据江户的说法,这所房子说Ansei(185)的第二年经历了江户大地震。幸运的是,我可以逃脱明治3年(1880年)的大火。从那时起,我一直在观看邮局在这个地方的过渡。虽然它是一个有点小的建筑,在旅店内,它是一个传达旧形式的城镇商店建筑。住宅部分为后代重建,但由于业主的强烈感情,商店部分已经离开。外部是一个平面切割的山墙瓦屋顶,没有完成作为“成品柜”,在所谓的川越城堡的土壤中涂上厚厚的涂层,但商店部分和居民部分的组合形式的字符町屋建筑“)。面向高速公路,我们在主入口(大梁),内部(大梁),深度(火车)内部的主要道路前面的屋顶形状的商店下车。似乎屋顶被抑制得相对较低,因为对应于二楼的部分没有意识到生活和生活。从与正面的关系到深度较深的部位,背面,两侧都是土墙,开口只关闭前半部分和后半部分(与住宅部分连接)。在入口和出口前面使用与两个门共用的“双盖门”,并且当完全打开时阳光到达商店的内部。进入内部时,大型“大梁”垂直和水平雕刻,显示出当代建筑中看不到的强大感。从内部俯瞰高速公路,似乎厚厚的柱子或大梁像一个相框一样打破了光线,放松的时间似乎在流动。我希望你能享受片刻的时光。在二楼(小屋的后侧),机舱建筑物露出,并且在道路侧面的两个位置处固定了轻微的照明部件,但是从没有配备升降设施的地方看,它可以用于存放行李箱等。

久野家(大津屋 )住宅[店舗部分]
 草加宿 では街道 がほぼ直線状に設けられたが、北の端では曲輪 のように大き
くカーブする。久野家 はその曲り端に位置している。記録によれば 宿場 は開宿
以来四回程の大火震災 に見舞われ、そのたびに蘇ってきた。家伝 によればこ
の家は安政 二年(一八五五)のは江戸大地震 に耐えたという。幸いにも明治三年
 やや小ぶりな建物ではあるが、宿内では古い形式を伝える町屋 建築である。
外観は平入切妻造り瓦葺きで、いわゆる川越 城下 に見られる土で厚く塗り籠
められる完成された「土蔵造り 」とはなっていないが店舗部分と居住部分が丁
の字に組み合わされた形式(町屋建築 という)を伝える ものである。


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草加宿神明庵 草加市神明1丁目6−14 久野家(大津屋)住宅


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