auto-translate 清水的清水在80年代的Suza和荞麦面落在dunnon 11月初...



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auto-translate Shimizu of Shimizu at 80&39;s Suza and buckwheat noodles falling in the dunnon The fountain which was spoken in the lads of Sanuki from Yakko or Temple in early November was flown to Kiyoshi without getting wet by any early weather There. The Emperor of the Emperor, the Emperor of the Emperor, the praised Prince (congratulatory prince) and its soldiers who reached the South Sea and suffered from the venom of evil fish revived with this water dedicated by Daido, It has a legend with the water of the place, the gentle and pure water is honored as a medicinal water from ancient times, also loved by tea men, many people come from far away from Awa Yamanaka. The 800-year-old Temple Emperor Emperor Shude was distributed to Aya North by the turbulence of Kimoto, became a place of hunger when it was destroyed in Naikari nine years and it was destroyed at the Gokuoka Ruins, It is also a sacred place that prevented. The old cedar covers the sky and creates a feeling of morning sun, Shimizu rinses the heart of a ceremonial person as a liquor, is a sacred place of the spiritual spring at Yasoba Hamogori. Sakaide Lions Club

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auto-translate 清水的清水在80年代的Suza和荞麦面落在dunnon 11月初在Yakko或寺庙的赞岐小伙子中说的喷泉被飞到Kiyoshi没有被任何早期天气弄湿那里。皇帝的皇帝,皇帝的皇帝,被称赞的王子(祝贺王子)及其到达南海并遭受邪恶鱼类毒液毒害的士兵用Daido专用的水复活,它有一个传说与地方的水,温柔和纯净的水被尊为古代的药用水,也被茶人喜爱,很多人来自远离阿波山中。拥有800年历史的天皇皇帝Shude被Kimoto的湍流分发给Aya North,在Naikari被摧毁九年后成为一个饥饿的地方,并在Gokuoka废墟被摧毁,它也是一个阻止的神圣之地。古老的雪松覆盖着天空,营造出清晨的阳光,清水清洗礼仪之心的酒心,是Yasoba Hamogori精神之泉的神圣之地。 Sakaide狮子会

八十蘇場 の清水

つるべでくんで ヤッコでかやせ

景行天皇 の御代、南海 に征して悪魚 の毒に悩んだ讃留霊皇子讃留霊王 )と
その軍兵 八十八人は童子の捧げるこの水によって蘇ったがゆえに、
八十蘇場の水との伝説を持ち、芳甘清碧な水は古くより薬水 とし
て尊ばれ、茶人にも愛されて、遠くは阿波 山中より求め来る人も
八百年のむかし、保元の乱 によって綾北に配流された崇徳上皇
南狩 9年にして鼓岡行在所 に崩ぜられるや御険の地となり、
御尊体をこの霊水 にひたして損腐を防いだ聖地でもある。
を濯ぐ、やそばはまごとに霊泉の聖地 である。



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