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auto-translate Origin of the Oriental Ijuta Shrine Aya Ikeda Emperor 16th Emperor Hiroshi Emperor Hiroshi Autumn Autumn September After the Hantan of Han in Japan The grandson of the Han emperor Fourth generation Ayushi emperor child himself, Mr. Ado I naturalized himself from the subordinates of the seven prefectures. So I tried Emperor &39;s Seventeenth Year Tiger Spring February Emperor and I could not make clothes for spring, summer, autumn and winter without knowing the art of sewing Tengoshi People&39; s Clothing Now that there is a fine sewing woman in Kure County, It was thought to order a sewing machine in Kure County by ordering the lord of the Utility. Two people departed to Kure Country as an expert and first came to Goryeo County but since then I did not know the way to Kure country so I wish for the King of Korye Kyu Teruha and Hisashi Hisashi I picked it as a guide and said it was arriving without any accident to Wu Ku. Wu Wang was awarded the four women of the brother Ehime, Yumehara, Kurei and Han weaving. It is because I will never forget the achievements of the two people who invented Kure for the present world which is a guide former named Kyuu Hisashi, Kyuzi. The same Emperor 41st Spring February Aki Useless etc arrived back to Tsukushi from Kure, the Ogami of the lunar shape got a beggar for the engineers, so the remaining three engineered women who were given Emma won Since we came back to Tsu country, it has been said that kimono, sewing mosquito shop clothing is said to be told that there is a reason why Kure is a person of Kure Han weave is a man of Han. These two people lived in Kure-no-Sato, but Yume woven, Han Wei, Empress Young and Yeong-hwa came in the era of Emperor Twenty-Twenty, where Idema was located but where it was not clear I am sunning, but this is a diversion and a foreign person. The skill of clothing sewing was not clear before the time of Empress Empress Due to the teaching of this 2nd Epoch, a woman of the university was taught the technique of sewing surgical weaving and clothes of the seasons clothing of the seasons clothing of the spring and autumn was taught up and down Because of that effect, the Emperor enshrined a sewing dormitory in the court and established a sewing seamstress and was enshrined the two girls. From this he had tied the hemp, kept silkworms, had tied the mulberry skin, made textiles from hemp skins, but now it became possible to make clothing of Ayura Nishiki such as Kure Weave 錦 錦Kure gown, Kure bamboo, Wu indigo, ginger etc We are going to take away at this time and Kure Bridge, Fang Fang etc also entered Japan from Wu Kuni at this time and the culture of Kure country widespread. Miyami was caught in a room, her body had light, and she was engaged in weavering and sewing all the time and was contributed to the rise of culture of our country up to the age of over one hundred years old, and here there are silk pine, dyori, silk It seems natural that the place name of the village, Tangshan lake etc will remain, so Emperor Nintoku celebrated the achievement of clothing sewing on September 18, The above company, the company of the underworld was built and the achievements of the Emperor was kept until the descendant so that the people of the world remained so as not to forget their merits and continued to be deceased as a god of cultural origin. A shrine

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auto-translate 东方Ijuta神社的起源Aya Ikeda Emperor 16th Emperor Hiroshi Emperor Hiroshi秋天的秋天9月在日本的Hanan汉之后汉族皇帝第四代Ayushi皇帝的孙子自己,Ado先生我把自己从七个县的下属归化。所以我尝试了皇帝的第十七年春天二月皇帝,我不能为春天,夏天,秋天和冬天做衣服而不知道缝制Tengoshi人民服装的艺术现在在吴县有一个优秀的缝纫女人,它被认为通过订购公用事业的主人在Kure县订购一台缝纫机。两个人作为专家离开了Kure Country,第一次来到高丽县,但从那以后我不知道去Kure国家的路,所以我希望Korye Kyu Teruha和Hisashi Hisashi的国王我选择了它作为向导,并说它是在没有任何意外的情况下到达吴库。吴王被授予兄弟爱媛,Yumehara,Kurei和Han编织的四个女人。因为我永远不会忘记两个人为现在的世界发明了吴的成就,这是一个名为Kyuu Hisashi,Kyuzi的指南。同样的皇帝第41春天2月Aki Useless等从Kure回到Tsukushi,月球形状的Ogami为工程师找到了一个乞丐,所以剩下的三个工程女人给了Emma赢了自从我们回到津市以来,据说和服,缝制蚊子店的服装据说有一个理由,为什么吴是一个人的韩寒编织是汉人。这两个人住在Kure-no-Sato,但是Yume编织,Han Wei,Empress Young和Yeong-hwa来到了二十二世纪的时代,Idema所在的时代,但不清楚的地方我正在晒太阳,但这是一个转移和外国人。皇后女皇时代之前服装缝制的技巧尚不清楚由于第二纪元的教学,大学女子被教授缝制手术编织技术和季节服装的春季和秋季季节服装上下教学由于这种影响,皇帝在法庭上设立了一个缝纫宿舍并建立了一个缝纫裁缝,并将这两个女孩供奉。由此他将大麻捆绑起来,养蚕,捆绑桑树皮,用大麻皮制成纺织品,但现在可以制作Ayura Nishiki的衣服,如Kure Weave锦锦Kure礼服,Kure bamboo,Wu indigo,ginger等我们此时将带走Kure Bridge,方芳等此时也从吴Kuni进入日本,而吴国的文化也很普遍。 Miyami被困在一个房间里,她的身体很轻,她一直在进行编织和缝纫,并为我国文化的兴起做出了贡献,直到一百多岁,这里有丝绸松,dyori,丝绸村庄,唐山湖等地名仍然存在,所以Nintoku皇帝于9月18日庆祝服装缝制的成就,上述公司,黑社会的公司建成,皇帝的成就一直保持到后代,以便世界人民不要忘记他们的优点,继续作为文化起源之神而去世。神社

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人皇十六代応神天皇二十年己酉秋九月日本国に漢の直太祖後漢 の霊帝四代の孫阿知使主その子、都加使主十七県の部下を卆いて帰化した。そこで天
皇の三七年丙寅春二月天皇思召して天下人民衣服裁縫の術を知らず春夏秋冬の衣服が作れなかった今呉国 には立派な縫工女が居ると聞を勅使
として阿知使主都加使主に命じて呉国に縫工女を求めようと考へられた。二人は勅使となって呉国へ出発した、先づ高麗国 に渡ったけれど
呉王は工女兄媛、弟媛、呉織漢織 の四人の婦女を與へられたのである。今の世に呉をくれと読むのは道案内者の久禮波、久禮志の名をかたどったものであ
唐船潭等の地名が残るのも当然のことと思はれる此の二媛が他界されたので仁徳天皇 は七十六年九月十八日に衣服裁縫の功績を称へるため䄅



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