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auto-translate Ogijima Island Shizen Ichigo Shrine In the Yoki ceremonial company, the god of deity enshrines the four pillars of the heavenly inner goddess (Major country soul Kamiho Hojube Mikoto · Unforgettable misfortune · Kato Ishibashi) Although it is unknown but "Shin Nippon" Taisyu first year (701) Because the name of the shrine is stated in the article on April 3rd, it is the old company Tenouchi, who is believed to have been ritualized before that Mainly serving the principal goddess is to Tenjin, and downward is the divine god who felt the total virtue of the soul, called the Amaterasu soul God and dedicated to Goryokuji temple and was proclaimed as proselytized and exhorted A silkworm shrine that is also a god (silkomnosha) On the right side of the main shrine Mr. Otomi Okamoto&39;s Emperor (Prior to 500 years) Called Hanya and Wu Wei from Qin Tu Kuo-ku (now the southern part of China) Mr. Qin&39;s family We woven out a lot of silk twill and we call this land that is given the last name of "Yuzu Maasa" as Qin Qi and arrive in the era of Emperor Suiko, praying for its bounty and prosperity for silkworm textile dyeing It is this company that recommended God that this company is the guardian goddess of silkworm textile dyeing in the original pond in the precincts inside the Shinto pond called Shimonoseike pond in the era of Emperor Saga transit to Shimogamo " In the meaning of "Shikkunasu" and "False Wonaosu", this is the first place in the summer "Occidental Ox" that is a place of living (to purify the mind and body when there is sin or dirt in the body) Three pillar torii with the belief that it is not dependent on various diseases when immersed limbs in this god pond on the day of the three pillar torii It is a form that combines three torii which are the only torii which is the only torii of the whole country The central group stone is the shrine at the main shrine at the main shrine It is built to be the center of the universe and built to be able to worship from all sides, but the date of founding is unknown but the current torii is one that was restored during the Kyoho year (about 300 years ago) It is being believed that it is a relic of Kejo (Christian faction Nestor is transmitted to Japan about 300 years ago) --- Shinto Koryōji Temple

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auto-translate Ogijima Island Shizen Ichigo Shrine在Yoki仪式公司中,神灵供奉天上内在女神的四大支柱(主要国家灵魂Kamiho Hojube Mikoto·难忘的不幸·Kato Ishibashi)虽然不知道但是“Shin Nippon”Taisyu第一年(701)因为靖国神社的名字在4月3日的文章中说明,所以是旧公司Tenouchi,据信在此之前已被仪式化了主要服务于主要女神的是天神,向下是神灵的神,他感受到了灵魂的全部美德,称为天照大神灵,献给Goryokuji神庙,并被宣告为传教和劝诫一个蚕神也是一个神(silkomnosha)在主神殿的右侧,冈本欧雄先生的皇帝(500年之前)从秦土国库(现在中国的南部)秦先生的家人叫汉雅和吴伟我们编织了许多丝绸斜纹织物,我们将这个名为“Yuzu Maasa”的土地称为秦齐,并在Suiko皇帝的时代到来,为蚕纺织染色祈求它的赏金和繁荣是这家公司推荐上帝,这个公司是在佐贺皇帝转移到Shimogamo的时代,在神道池内称为下关池塘的原始池塘中的蚕纺织染色的守护女神“在“Shikkunasu”和“False Wonaosu”的意思中,这是夏天的第一个“西方牛”,它是一个生活的地方(当身体有罪或污垢时净化身心)在三柱柱的日子,当这个神池浸入四肢时,三柱支柱相信不依赖于各种疾病它是一个结合三个鸟居的形式,这是唯一的全国唯一的牌坊。中央组石是主神殿主殿的神社它被建造成宇宙的中心,并且能够从各方面进行崇拜,但是建立的日期是未知的,但是当前的鸟居是在巨峰年(大约300年前)恢复的人们相信它是Kejo的遗物(基督教派系Nestor大约300年前传到日本)---神道Koryōji寺

延喜式内社 で祭神は天之御中主神 外四柱(大国魂神
穂穂出見命鵜茅葺不合命瓊瓊杵尊 )を祀ってい
る創建年月日は不詳であるが「続日本紀 」大宝元
社である天之御中主神を主として奉り 上は天神
に至り下は地神に渉り 御魂の総徳を感じて天照御
魂神と称し奉り 廣隆寺創建とともに勧請されたも

蚕養神社(蚕ノ社) 本殿右側の社殿
雄略天皇 の御代(一五〇〇年前)秦酒公呉国(今の
中国南部)より漢織・呉織を召し秦氏 の諸族と供に
数多くの絹 綾を織り出し「禹豆麻佐」の姓を賜る
この地を太秦と称し推古天皇 の御代に至り、その報
恩と繁栄を祈るため養蚕 織物 染色の祖神を勧請
養蚕 織物 染色の守護神である

境内に「元糺の池」と称する神池がある 嵯峨天皇

全国唯一の鳥居である 鳥居を三つ組み合わせた形
ている 創立年月は不詳であるが現在の鳥居は享保

神社 広隆寺


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