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auto-translate The shrine of the shrine of the shrine of the shrine of the emperor Shinto emperor Emperor Emperor Emperor Emperor Emperor Emperor Emperor Emperor Kannoni Komiya Wakamiya Yawata Takeuchi Tenmangu shrine Kamo God Yoshino god Kimikoshi God Hiyoshi God Inari shrine Emperor Founding Emperor Nintendo Emperor Nintendo (853) September 21 History The main shrine is located in the southern part of the Temple of the Promotion Temple, at the foot of the mountain in the Yawata volcano view. It is also known as a village company that inherits the history of the early history, also known as Geely Kutama Hachiman. The construction of the main shrine was said to have been dedicated as a guardian of the Omoto mountain prosperous temple of the Shingon sect of the Shingon sect of the Shingon sect of the Shingon sect, and the construction of the Imperial Palace was carried out by Emperor Daigo (Mother Father Seiji Fujiwara Era (8 Six) died in June at the age of 21 June) It is a historical miya who is a historical historian who donated to pursue the Emperor &39;s Empress and pray for memorial. Nagoro 2nd year (1458) March Mr. Ashikaga Shogun Kishida etc. donated as Okinawa restoration construction department from Yoshimasa public. Since then the reign was disturbed like hemp. In the first year of reincarnation (January 177) August, a great turbulence called turbulence of the world began in Raku Nakoroku and this temple was destroyed by the war, the shrine temple, the Shinto treasure, the old memorandum and others were all destroyed, fortunately As valuable ancient documents such as Hachimantaikin and Sumo pictures were left at the temple, part of the story can be barely known by that. Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who has reunited the temple under the medieval age, is adored to the Imperial Palace in August 1998, in the third year of Keicho, was abandoned in Fushimi castle and remembered the virtue of Toyoko by his life, and one of the five deacons Tokuzenins There was a golden lantern, two wooden lanterns and twelve Kanda stones donated by priest Maeda Genro (Shoge Shogunate). Founder to the Edo period Three years Yuzo (161) A castle of the Matsuoka Country of Higashi August Monjuka Ryosuke Sakoko Building the Ryosuke Sakoko The twelfth year Kenzo Tadashi Isao Tadashi Isao Temple (165) Currently repairing the roof etc of our temple with the supporters of Senju, national mother, generals etc. from the officials reconstructed by Mr. Shinjo castle Tosawa Noto Morigami Gojo in Genroku eight years (1655) It was done. It is considered that the reconstruction was carried out as part of the reconstruction of Genroku from carpenters at this time as they are involved in the construction of the temple such as the temple. Since then repair has been carried out in 19 years (173) and Yasunaga eighteen years (1779), the repair content is unknown, but the worship part comes from the details style It is presumed that it was altered in repair of maintenance. The present main shrine is designated as Kyoto city tangible cultural asset on May 1, 1982 and its value is high. Heisei 7, September Hachimangu Shrine - - Shrine Emperor Tenshin

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auto-translate 皇帝神道皇帝皇帝皇帝皇帝Kannoni Komiya Wakamiya Yawata Takeuchi天满宫神社Kamo God Yoshino神Kimikoshi God Hiyoshi神Inari神社靖国神社的神社靖国神社靖国神社任天堂皇帝任天堂(853)9月21日历史主要的神殿位于寺庙的南部,位于八幡火山景观的山脚下,也被称为继承了早期历史的村庄公司,也被称为吉利库塔马八幡。据说主殿的建设是作为真言宗真言宗真宗的真言宗的大昭山繁荣的寺庙的监护人,皇宫的建设由Da Da皇帝(母亲Seiji Fujiwara Era)进行(8六)6月21日去世,享年6月21日。这是一位历史悠久的米亚人,他是一位历史悠久的历史学家,他捐赠了皇帝的皇后并祈求纪念。 Nagoro第2年(1458年)3月Ashikaga Shogun Kishida先生等从Yoshimasa公众捐赠了冲绳修复建设部门。从那以后,统治就像大麻一样受到干扰。在转世的第一年(1月177日)8月,在Raku Nakoroku开始了一场名为世界动荡的大动荡,这座寺庙被战争摧毁,神社寺庙,神道宝藏,旧备忘录等都被摧毁,幸运的是由于Hachimantaikin和Sumo等有价值的古代文献留在寺庙,故事的部分内容几乎不为人所知。在中世纪时期重建寺庙的丰臣秀吉于1998年8月在故宫的第三年被崇拜皇宫,在伏见城堡被遗弃,并记住了丰子的生活美德,以及五个执事之一Tokuzenins有一个金色的灯笼,两个木制的灯笼和十二个神田宝石,由牧师前田佑郎(Shoge Shogunate)捐赠。江户时代的创始人三年Yuzo(161)东八月的松冈国家的城堡Monjuka Ryosuke Sakoko建设Ryosuke Sakoko第12年Kenzo Tadashi Isao Tadashi Isao Temple(165)目前修复我们的寺庙的屋顶等与Senju的支持者,国家母亲,将军等由Shinjo城堡Tosawa Noto Morigami Gojo重建的官员在Genroku八年(1655)它完成了。据认为,重建是作为从木匠重建Genroku的一部分进行的,因为他们参与寺庙的建造,如寺庙。从那以后修复已经进行了19年(173)和Yasunaga十八年(1779年),修复内容不详,但崇拜部分来自细节风格据推测它在维修修理中被改变了。现在的主殿于1982年5月1日被指定为京都市有形文化遗产,价值很高。平成7,九月八幡宫 - - 神社天皇

祭神   應神天皇 仲哀天皇  神功皇后
境内小宮 若宮八幡 武内社 天満宮
配祀   加茂神 吉野神 貴船神 日吉神 稲荷神

 当宮は勧修寺 の南、八幡山眺望の山麓に存立往古の歴史を継承する村社
して奉祀されたとも云われ、その建立には醍醐天皇 が(御母である藤原胤子
八月、世に応仁の乱 と呼ばれる大乱が洛中洛外で始まり当宮もこの兵火に
中世が終わって天下統一を果した豊臣秀吉 公は、当宮を崇敬するも慶長三年
寛永十二年(一六三五) 勧修寺大僧正寛海長吏より禁中、仙洞、国母、

神社 応神天皇


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