auto-translate 济州珍珠宝塔昭和59年百济家族历史据说百济寺是近江最古老的寺庙之...


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auto-translate The Pagoda of the Pearls of Jejuda History of the Showa 59th Family History of Baekjeji The Baekjeji is said to be one of the oldest temples of Omi. According to the temple, according to the request of Prince Shotoku the monk of Koryo, Kōichi became an apprentice guard, was nominated by Baekje monk Dynasty, the architecture was made in accordance with Baekje&39;s Ryuunji Temple. It is reported that the foundation is the first year of Emperor Suiko (590 years of age calendar). It converted to Tendai Buddha first year of Heian (Heian period 144) and became Tendai Bessho. After that the reign of Tendai territory, which is common in this region, reached its height from the Kamakura period to the Muromachi period, the construction of houses and buddies and so on inherited, with 1,200 people living in this temple area together with one mountaineering priesthood , The villages of Baitaiji prospered at the foot of the temple. Meanwhile, repeated rebuilding due to frequent fires and fire disasters, it was difficult for Oda Nobunaga to rebuild after the Baekjeji baked. When I burned down the main part of the main hall etc. by the big fire of August 9 th in the Ming Dynasty (January 9, 1988) and offered the reconstruction to the court, when the letter addressed to the waiting slushing from Mihonemon Mihonemon in the courtyard Inside there is a description of "Origin of the fire is a witty climate, a cloister in the place of three hundred robbers ,,,,,,,", and the description of Sanaejiji Sanbu in this " It is left. Also, in the preface of the recommendation book for its reconstruction, there are Nanshigoto Honto, Five-storied pagoda, Echo-do temple, Taeko-dono, Daishin, Great Dakudo, Aichkado, Choshukuin, Mikoto temple, bell tower, Kuranomono , Corridor, and it is a record of the burned-down center part. In the four valleys in the east, west, north and south around the east, west, Amidaddo in Nantani, Amidaddo in Nanjatan, Mandaradu in Mt. Nishitani, Nishiya in the east, west, and four valleys in the east, Hiyoshizuna in the West Daimon, Yahata gray hair in Dongdaemun, It is reported that there were many buddhas such as Fudo-do, Daimyo Branch in Kitasaka, Iwakami in Kita-Otari, and others. Three hundred blueprint map is a distribution map when we confirmed the site of the cemetery site of Ninpoji branch and the cemetery site by distribution survey of the ruins in Showa 59th --- temple

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auto-translate 济州珍珠宝塔昭和59年百济家族历史据说百济寺是近江最古老的寺庙之一。根据寺庙的说法,根据高丽僧侣圣德太子的要求,Kōichi成为学徒后卫,由百济僧王朝提名,建筑是按照百济的龙云寺制作的。据悉,该基金会是皇帝Suiko的第一年(590年历)。它在平安(平安时代144年)的第一年转变为天台佛,并成为Tendai Bessho。此后,在该地区常见的天台境内统治达到了从镰仓时代到室町时代的高度,房屋和伙伴等的建筑继承了,有1200人居住在这个寺庙区,还有一个登山祭司,Baitaiji的村庄在寺庙的脚下繁荣。与此同时,由于经常发生火灾和火灾,重复重建,在百济寺烤制后,织田信长难以重建。当我在明朝(1988年1月9日)8月9日的大火烧毁主殿等的主要部分时,向宫廷提供了重建,当信件从Mihonemon Mihonemon在院子里等待着里面有一个描述“火的起源是一个诙谐的气候,一个修道院代替三百名劫匪,,,,,,,”,并描述了Sanaejiji Sanbu在这个“它离开了。另外,在重建的推荐书的序言中,有Nanshigoto Honto,五重塔,Echo-do寺,Taeko-dono,Daishin,Great Dakudo,Aichkado,Choshukuin,Mikoto寺,钟楼,Kuranomono ,走廊,这是烧毁中心部分的记录。在东部,西部,南部和南部的四个山谷,东部,西部,Nantani的Amidaddo,Nanjatan的Amidaddo,Nishitani的Mandaradu,东部的西部,西部和东部的四个山谷,西部Daimon的Hiyoshizuna,东大门的Yahata灰发,据报道,有许多佛像,如北大道的Fudo-do,Daimyo Branch,Kita-Otari的Iwakami等。在昭和59号---寺庙遗址的分布调查确认了Ninpoji分支的墓地以及墓地的遗址的地方的300张蓝图是分布图

百済寺三百坊跡図 昭和59年度調査

 百済寺は、近江最古の寺院の一つであろうと伝えられている。寺伝によると聖徳太子 の御願により
天養元年(平安時代一一四四年)天台宗 に改宗し天台別院となった。その
後この地方に多い天台領の後盾により鎌倉時代 から室町時代 にかけて最盛期をむかえ、堂や坊社等の建立が
間 度々の火災や兵火のために再建を繰り返したが、織田信長 の「百済寺焼き打ち」の後の再建は困難であ



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