auto-translate 指导我们的医院是Suiko皇帝的第二年,圣德太子是为菩萨皇帝建造...


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auto-translate Guidance Our hospital is the 2nd year Emperor Suiko, Prince Shotoku is built for Emperor Bodhisattva and ordinarily built for the peacefulness of the world and the Prince of Ten thousand kilometers Jizo Bodhisattva (literary text) For the Bodhisattva of the Emperor Emperor for the Father and for the People All Peoples Peace It was made for the sake of peacefulness Honkakuin Okinawa Naniwa from the Odori village Hideaki Nakamitsu only to the buddha of the Buddha Jizo esteemed to the depths of Tama Haruka believe in the earliest occupation of the earliest occupation is Prince Shotoku &39;s milk Tamami Princess after Empress Emperor&39; s Empress &39;s Emperor&39; s Empress &39;s Empress&39; s Embassy became a member of Seiji Bunji in the first year since then Ever since the Town Takakura Ohara Miya also called generously a generous nobility Princess who has quietly conveyed the lanterns in the second year of April Bunji Shirakawa afterwards the Pope Shirakawa Powered by Mr. Okara The main hall wrote Ohara consists of the style of Asuka, Fujiwara, Momoyama three era The teams and pillars were those of Asuka, Fujiwara and the Heike Monogatari at that time and the outsellers were repaired by Toyotomi Hidetoshi in Keicho 8 years as Komagiri Kimoto and Eko Magomi In addition, Hidemitsu lined the floor of the inner team Before that, these historically valuable cultural assets, which were the soil of the Chinese ceremony (China), were unknown until May 9, 2000 Firebomb blasted The valuable beautiful figure is something missed without forgetting forever In the garden of the west front side, the old pond, the old pine tree of a thousand years, the mossy stone, the cherry blossoms such as the cherry tree etc. Afterwards Pope Shirakawa After the cherry blossoms in the pond water cherry blossoms are scattering and the flower of the waves is awful, "Heike Monogatari The northern garden which is still in a migratory way square frontal garden is a pond in the forest of the forest of the trees of the forest, and in the garden of an old hysterious masterpiece, in particular the three-tiered waterfall that drew the rocks and waters is one of the heights of the king&39;s fountain Different angles so that different sounds of three waterfalls can be played together A large Namba iron luggage lantern on the right side of the main hall is located in Momoyama Castle of Hideyoshi Hideyoshi The mountain thick in front of the Shosuin is a Heike Monogatari The Konjoin is a tribute to the Buddha and accompanying the Buddha Hakodatein - a temple that is a mountain in the mountain that picks up where to pick up

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auto-translate 指导我们的医院是Suiko皇帝的第二年,圣德太子是为菩萨皇帝建造的,通常是为了世界的和平而建造的和一万公里的Jizo Bodhisattva王子(文学文本)为皇帝的菩萨为父亲和为人民所有的人民和平它是为了和平而从大通村Hideaki Nakamitsu到佛陀的佛的Honkakuin Okinawa Naniwa Jizo在Tama Haruka的深处受到尊敬,相信最早占领最早的职业是皇后皇后的皇后皇后大使馆成为Seiji Bunji的成员,自从皇城以来的第一年以来最早占领的是圣德太子的牛奶Tamami公主大原宫也慷慨地称为慷慨的贵族公主,在4月的第二年Bunji Shirakawa悄悄地传送了灯笼后教皇白川由Okara先生提供动力大殿写的大原由明日香,藤原,桃山三个时代的风格组成那时的团队和支柱是Asuka,Fujiwara和Heike Monogatari的那些,并且作为Komagiri Kimoto和Eko Magomi在Keicho工作8年,由Toyotomi Hidetoshi修复了经销商。此外,Hidemitsu排在内部团队的地板上在此之前,这些历史上有价值的文化资产,这是中国仪式(中国)的土壤,直到2000年5月9日才被人知道。火焰爆炸爆炸了宝贵的美丽人物是错过的而不忘记永远在西面的花园,老池塘,一千年的老松树,苔藓的石头,樱花等的樱花等。后来教皇白川在池塘里的樱花盛开之后,樱花散开,波浪的花朵很可怕,“Heike Monogatari北方花园仍然是一个迁徙方式的正方形花园,是森林树林中的一个池塘,在一个古老神秘的杰作的花园里,特别是吸引岩石和水域的三层瀑布是国王喷泉的高度之一不同的角度使三个瀑布的不同声音可以一起播放大殿右侧的大型难波铁制行李灯位于秀吉秀吉的桃山城堡。在Shosuin前面的山是一个Heike Monogatari The Konjoin是向佛陀致敬并伴随着佛陀函馆(Hakodatein) - 山上的一座山,可以拾起去的地方

当院は推古天皇二年、聖徳太子用明天皇 御菩提のためと普く天下
本尊六万躰地蔵菩薩 (重文 )は太子が御父用明天皇の御菩提のためと天下
初代の住職は聖徳太子の御乳人玉照姫である その後文治元年九月に
高倉天皇 の皇后建礼門院 がお住いになった それ以来御閑居御所とも高
てきた 文治二年四月に後白河法皇 が御幸あそばされた平家物語や謡曲で
有名な小原御幸である 後世 小原を大原と書いた
原及び平家物語当時のもので外陣は 、慶長八年に豊臣秀頼 卿が片桐且
元とエ事奉行として修理されたものである また内陣の床は秀頼卿がおほり
これら歴史的貴重な文化財が平成十二年五月九日未明放火全焼 その
本堂前西側の庭は古びた池、千年の古松、苔むした石、汀の桜等 後白河
った平家物語 当時のままである 北庭園は回遊式四方正面の庭で林泉 木
立 清浄の池等古き幽翆な名作の庭で特に岩清水を引いた三段の滝は
本堂前右側にある大きな南蛮鉄の雪見燈籠は太閤秀吉の桃山城 にあ
ったものである 書院前方の茂った山は平家物語に建礼門院が大納言佐局と供に




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