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auto-translate Oginomiya Yukio 1, Oginomiya Emotional Empress Empress Emperor Emperor Emperor Emperor Sumiyoshi Ogami 1, Kiyoshi Kiyuki Miya &39;s founder protected the Emperor&39; s Emperor &39;s Emperor from the jing emperor&39; s Emperor Jing Sho (2 0 0) It is derived from the fact that this is called Komiya The Empress of the Empress of the Shogun is a god of Emperor Emperor Emperor Emperor Yuen empress decorated the emperor &39;s 7th year (Seventy - two) from the Imperial Court by Kyushu from the courtroom and began to build the shrine, the god of Emperor Shomu Completed at the first year of the turtle (this is called the Kamiya Temple) together with this Imperial Palace Taisho Kashinomiya after the Meiji Period Kashinomiya after the war is called Kashinomiya Kashira Mausoleum is a mausoleum of this morning Mausoleum of the mausoleum The Nara peace less than this temple, the service team of the six hundred residents or less and the priest of a thousand and hundreds of town walks are given, and the precincts of the ninja have always been sent out for the importance of the nation. In modern times Eleven years I will bear the Imperial Family Emperor Nakae Emperor Eight Year (19) I sit in Tsukushi no Kashiya Palace Heal Temple The Empress suddenly broke down as a midst of the initiative of the initiative as an innocent minister and the Empress succeeded the gods and covered the gods&39; teachings and was refrained from the battlefield by the body of the pregnancy and led the fleet further Having established the status of Japan for the first time to be a grand prize of Korean travel this giant shrine shines in history as a godly work and has a morning tribal existence naturalized exchanging and gaining a lot of excitement Sogo went to Rikko Changcho The Emperor of the Rebellion gathers faith as a Yahata god, and Emperor Nintendo can remember the Shintoku by Nintoku Terrace, the world&39;s largest lying tomb. Flowers of a Japanese culture of orthodox festival are eventually opened as a refuge to the gods of the god of tombs and eventually the flowers of Japanese culture will be opened And it is a misdeed deity that forgets the day of those who enjoy life in this land 1, Emperor Komiya Emperor Imperial Palace Kashiyama palace site Sha Garden Saiju remains ruined vertebrae ( Coffin Chamber) Yes, it is called the main shrine Kashinpuza It is the only architectural style in the country The important cultural property of the country The first year of Kiwa (1810) Chikuzen lord owner Chief Kuroda rebuilt reconstruction one, Kamigi Aya civilization Empress Empress Three When returning from Korea burying three kinds of treasure, planting cedars on it And then swearing to deduce this morning to swear it is pledged to hold a god spirit Cedars of this cedar leaves an old water I consecrate to the prohibited annual battle It comes from the root of the young bud as it is encountered in the fire, but it has been transmitted without any doubt, I am the Minister of Economics, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yushari Takeuchi Inui Spring of Longevity Longevity of old age Except for ancient tortoise, It is said that it is the first time to be recognized as an inspiration and is certified as one of the famous water worshipers, one of the imperial palace treasure stones and the inside of the middle gate "Oshita" "Master residence" and a stone of sixty centimeters high, On the left and right are "Mizuho" and "Goshokoro" A stone of "Resting place" stands in front of Tesuikan This is the imperial examiner and this orders the order leading up to the establishment at the time of worship by Dassas Estimated as one of the Nara period by Takashi Stone, Tesutomu Daichi 11th year Sadami Emperor&39;s visit Memorial donation tree Kunumi Namiki 800m Fukuoka prefectural governor Youth group within the prefecture Ladies and gentlemen villagers military society village community service commemoration commemoration A path to the ancient imperial shrine passing through a monument --- Shinto shrine emperor

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auto-translate Oginomiya Yukio 1,Oginomiya情感皇后皇后皇帝皇帝Sumiyoshi Ogami 1,Kiyuki Kiyuki Miya的创始人保护皇帝的皇帝免受jing皇帝的皇帝Jing Sho(2 0 0)它源于这个被称为小宫的皇后皇帝的皇后皇后皇帝皇帝皇帝皇帝皇帝皇帝7年(七)皇帝的三位国王从皇后的礼貌装饰九州开始建立神社,皇帝Shomu的神龟王的第一年(这称为神谷寺)与明治时期后的宫城大正宫完成Kashinomiya战争后被称为Kashinomiya Kashira陵墓是陵墓的陵墓陵墓奈良和平不到600寺以下神殿除了服务数百个城镇和数百个城镇散步的神的服务团队之外,金钱的飞地总是被送到国家的宝藏,在现代十一年我将承担皇室皇帝中帝八年(19)我坐在Tsukushi no Kashiya Palace Heal Temple作为一名无辜的牧师,皇后突然失败作为倡议的主动权,皇后继承了众神并覆盖了众神的教诲,并被怀孕的身体从战场上避开,并进一步领导了舰队这个巨大的神社在第一次确立了日本的地位,成为韩国旅行的大奖,作为一个敬虔的工作在历史上闪耀,早晨部落存在自然交换,并获得了很多兴奋Sogo去了Rikko Changcho叛乱皇帝将信仰作为Yahata神,并且任天堂皇帝可以记住世界上最大的坟墓Nintoku Terrace的Shintoku。日本正统节日文化的花朵最终作为坟墓之神的避难所开放,最终日本文化的花朵将被打开而且这是一个错误的神灵,忘记了在这片土地上享受生活的人们的一天1,小宫皇帝皇宫Kashiyama宫殿遗址Sha Garden Saiju仍然被破坏的椎骨( Coffin Chamber)是的,它被称为主要的神社Kashinpuza它是该国唯一的建筑风格国家的重要文化财产Kiwa的第一年(1810年)Chikuzen领主黑田首领重建重建一,Kamigi绫文明皇后女皇三当从韩国归来埋葬三种宝藏时,在它上面种植雪松然后宣誓推迟今天早上发誓它发誓要保持神灵雪松被雪松叶子留在年轻的水中我将奉献给被禁止的年度战斗它来自幼芽的根源以及遇到火灾?据说,这是第一次被认可为灵感,并被认定为着名的水崇拜者之一,皇家宫殿宝石之一和中间门“大下”“主人住宅”的内部和六十厘米高的石头,左边和右边是“Mizuho”和“Goshokoro”“休息处”的石头站在Tesuikan面前这是科举考官,在Dassas崇拜时命令通往建立的命令估计作为奈良时代之一的Takashi Stone,Tesutomu Daichi 11年萨达米皇帝访问纪念捐款树Kunumi Namiki 800m福冈县知事县内青少年团体女士团体女士绅士村社区服务纪念纪念馆通往纪念碑的古代帝国神社的路径---神道圣地皇帝

香椎宮 御由緒

一、御祭神 仲哀天皇 神功皇后 配祀 應神天皇 住吉大神
神功皇后の宮は元正天皇 の養老七年(七二三)皇后の御神託により朝廷
より九州に詔して社殿の造営を始められ 聖武天皇 の神亀元年(七二四)
に竣工しこの両宮を併せて香椎廟と称します 明治以後官幣大社
香椎宮 戦後は香椎宮と称しています
仲哀天皇八年(一九九)筑紫の橿日宮 に坐しまして天下治しめし率先
御子 應神天皇は八幡神 として遍く信仰を集められ
御孫 仁徳天皇 は世界最大の陵墓たる仁徳陵によって聖徳を偲ぶこと
ができます かの雄渾な土木技術を始め建築 縫織 工藝 文教
絢爛たる日本文化の花が開かれて行きます この國に生を享ける者の
一、古宮 仲哀天皇皇居橿日宮址沙庭斎場遺蹟 香椎(棺掛椎)あり
一、御本殿 香椎造と称し我國唯一の建築様式で国の重要文化財 享和元年(一八〇一) 筑前藩主黒田長順再建?
 神功皇后三韓よりご帰還の際三種の神宝を埋め その上に杉を植えてと?
 えて毎年禁裏に奉献いたします 火災に遭うも若芽根より生じ??くことなく伝っており?
 大臣武内宿袮 公ゆかりの不老長寿の霊泉 古来癇疾を除き年?齢を延ばす?極
 めて霊験ありと伝えられ名水百選 の認定を受く
 福岡県知事以下県内青年団在郷軍人会 処女会植樹奉仕
 行啓記念碑を経つ 古来の勅使参向の道筋なり
神社 応神天皇


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