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auto-translate There is a lot of "Konba tea shop" where the traveler rests in Minami Shinagawa at the door of the detached shogunate fortress Kamaya. The Shinagawa Inn closest to Edo is a place for banquets to see off travelers who stand in Edo, and the daimyo who enters Edo by standing at work is also a place to prepare for entering the Edo residence from traveling costume and it has been quite lively It was. Among them, the "Kamaya" in front of Shinagawa Temple is a scenic tea house that looks out over the sea, and has also been loved by various daimyo and also served as a dish. In the third year of Keio (1867), as the "shogunate fortake inn", many Makitashi people use it to go up and down the Tokaido. On October 21 of the same year, there are records left by Shinsengumi, Deputy President Shinko Associate, Shozo Hijikata, Deputy Chief Josaike and Inoue Genzaburo, with a total of 31 people, including new recruits and hometown supporters. Moreover, it was "Shinagawa Takeshi" of the Shinsengumi who returned to Edo after losing battle of Toba Fushimi from the 12th to 23nd New Year &39;s Day of Keio. I would be pleased if you feel the wind at the end of the Edo period in this Shinagawa area. Scenery from Minami-Shinagawa Inn Kamaya Heisei 29 (217) September Yoshiyuki Blue Monogatari Shopping Street Promotion Union

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auto-translate 旅行者在独立的幕府要塞Kamaya门口的Minami Shinagawa有许多“Konba茶店”。距离江户最近的品川旅馆是一个宴会场所,可以看到站在江户的旅行者,站在工作场所进入江户的大名也是准备从旅行服装进入江户住宅的地方,它非常热闹是的。其中,品川寺前面的“Kamaya”是一个风景秀丽的茶馆,俯瞰大海,也被各种大名所喜爱,也是一道菜。在庆应义塾(1867年)的第三年,作为“幕府旅馆”,许多Makitashi人用它来往东海道上下。同年10月21日,新选组,副总统Shinko助理,Shozo Hijikata,副首席Josaike和Inoue Genzaburo留下了记录,共有31人,包括新兵和家乡支持者。而且,从庆祝12日到23日元宵失去Toba伏见的战斗之后回到江户的新选组的“Shinagawa Takeshi”。如果您感受到江户时代末期在这个品川地区的风,我会很高兴。 Minami-Shinagawa Inn Kamaya Heisei 29(217)九月Yoshiyuki Blue Monogatari购物街推广联盟的风景

江戸幕府御用宿 釜屋跡
南品川 には旅人 が休息をする「建場茶屋 」が、数多くありました。
であったり、また参勤江戸 に入る大名が、旅装束 から江戸屋敷
中でも品川寺 門前の「釜屋」は、海をのぞむ風光明媚な茶屋 であり
慶応三年(一八六七)には「幕府御用宿 」として、多くの幕臣達が
同年十月二十一日、新選組副長・土方歳三 と副長助勤・
井上源三郎 が、新入隊士や故郷の支援者達、計三十一名で休息した
また、慶応 四年正月十二日~二十三日、鳥羽伏見の戦いに敗れて
江戸に戻った新選組 の「品川屯所 」となっておりました。
この品川の地で、幕末 の風を感じて下されば幸いです。
南品川宿釜屋 よりの光景

青物橫丁 商店街 振興組合


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