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auto-translate Tochigi Prefecture Designated Cultural Property Towa Tower (Tower Opens Opening Base) Ashikaga Yoshihide and Komei are reportedly known but the present is reportedly rebuilt from the mother of Tsunayoshi Tokugawa Shogeyoshi Toshinaga, but the gem of the companion As a result of investigation, it was discovered that the inscription of the Kanji 6 (1629) inscriptions was discovered and the reconstruction age of the tower dates back. Mr. Tokugawa is referred to as the descendant of Mr. Nitta, Mr. Nitta has taken over from Ashikaga Sho to Nara&39;s Sho, so that Tokugawa is the origin of his ancestor, so that this treasure tower is for the ancestral consecration Donated for reconstruction. ○ Honjyu is a monumental bodhisattva (villainely Nii Matsuzaki) in front of Honjin Daimyo Nijo so as to enshrine the statue of Jokkaku on both sides. ○ Incorporate the major tiles of the Ashikaga family and the palm trees of Shigeru Tokugawa. ○ It is the largest in Japan as a treasure tower. (It is said that the bigger tower is the big tower) Heisei 7 - 8 year half demolition repair was carried out. Shingon sect Mt. Geumgang Temple

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auto-translate 栃木县指定文化财产Towa Tower(塔开放基地)据报道Ashikaga Yoshihide和Komei已知,但据报道,现在由Tsuayoshi Tokugawa Shogeyoshi Toshinaga的母亲重建,但同伴的宝石经过调查,发现汉字6(1629)铭文的铭文被发现,塔的重建年代可以追溯到。德川先生被称为Nitta先生的后裔,Nitta先生已经从Ashikaga Sho接管Nara的Sho,因此Tokugawa是他的祖先的起源,因此这座宝塔是祖先奉献的。捐赠用于重建。 ○Honjyu是在Honjin Daimyo Nijo前面的巨大的菩萨(恶棍Nii Matsuzaki),以便在两边供奉Jokkaku的雕像。 ○加入足利家族的主要瓷砖和德川茂的棕榈树。 ○是日本最大的宝塔。 (据说更大的塔是大塔)平成7 - 8年半拆除修复进行了。真言宗寺金刚寺

開基足利義兼公 創建と伝えられている が 現在のは元祿五年 徳川五代将軍綱吉の母、 桂昌院尼公 の再建と伝えられていたが 相輪の宝珠を調査したところ、寛永六年(# 1629年)銘のものが発見され塔の再建年代がさかのぼる事が判明した。

徳川氏は新田氏の後裔と称し、新田氏は足利の庄より新田の庄に分家したるが故に徳川氏は祖先発祥の地なるを以て、此の宝塔を 祖先の菩提供養のため再建寄進した。
 ○本尊は 金剛界大日如来
 本尊前に勢至菩薩 (俗にニ十三夜尊)
 両側に十六羅漢像 を祀る。
真言宗  金剛山 鑁阿寺


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