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auto-translate Place guidance Welcome to Kunimi-cho Atsuga Shosh (Atsukashi) Mountain A mountain of symbols of Kunimi-cho where you can see the Fukushima Basin from the summit of 289 m above sea level. It is a hiking course to the top of the mountain and you can stroll while enjoying the scenery every season. 【50 mins walk to the northeast】 Atsuga Shishama prevention base (Nijibori) Bunji 5 (1189) The Okuho Fujiwar army and the Kamakura army led by Yoritomo hit the Atsuga Shiyama at the foot of the mountain. Even now, the battlefield, which consists of a double sky-hole consisting of about 4 km in length and Mie&39;s soil base built by Fujihara Yasushi during this battle, remains. It is said to be the nation designated scenic historical site which is said to be Japan&39;s three major baseball. [10 minutes by car to the east]

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auto-translate 地方指南欢迎来到Kunimi-cho Atsuga Shosh(Atsukashi)Mountain Kunimi-cho的象征山,从海拔289米的山顶可以看到福岛盆地。这是一个登山的徒步旅行路线,您可以漫步,每个季节都可以欣赏风景。 【向东北方向步行50分钟】Atsuga Shishama预防基地(Nijibori)Bunji 5(1189)由Yoritomo领导的Okuho Fujiwar军队和镰仓军队击中了山脚下的Atsuga Shiyama。即使是现在,战场仍然包括一个长约4公里的双天洞和由Fujihara Yasushi在这场战斗中建造的三重县土基。据说是被称为日本三大棒球的国家指定的风景名胜古迹。 [东边10分钟车程]

名所案内 ようこそ国見町へ
 海抜289mの山頂からは福島盆地 が一望できる国見町のシンボルの山。

 文治5年(1189年)奥州藤原軍と源頼朝 率いる鎌倉軍が阿津賀志山 の麓で激突した。この戦いに際し藤原泰衡 が築いた、長さ約4kmからなる二重の空堀と三重の土塁からなる防塁 が今でも残る。日本三大防塁 といわれ国指定史跡となっている。 【東へ車で10分)


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