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auto-translate Terasaka Terasaka Terasaka Rice Terrace of Yokasecho is located in the eastern part of the Chichibu Basin, south of Mt. Kibuyama, located at the confluence of Yokose River (Arakawa Tributary) and its tributary Sogawa River. The altitude is 230 m - 270 m, the difference in elevation between Kawarada of the lower row and the Maruyama forest road of the upper row is 40 m. There are about 330 paddy fields in the rice paddies having the scale of 400 m east and west, 250 m north and south, and about 5 ha. On the south side there is a Jomon ruins called "Terasaka ruins", and it is known as a place where people lived from long ago. It is also a place of vision where you want the stone of Mt. The Yokose River flowing south of the Terasaka Rice Terrace took a flow path south a large distance at the confluence point with the Sosawa River in the ancient times and made a U turn at about 200 m and flowed again in the western side of the rice terraces. The present townspeople &39;s hall is located in this old riverbed, formed by this flow path, and the protruding terraces are called "Butteyama". Kanba 2 (1742), territorial waters were divided due to flood damage, transformed into the current flow path. The terrain of Terasaka is old, estimated to be before the final glacial age of 20,000 years ago, and it is an alluvial fan of the Sawazawa River flowing from Takashino Shinzan. At the Terasaka remains, excavation investigations found the pit dwellings and stone axes, the mass production of polished stone axes using the rocks of Mikono green rocks distributed in Takashino Mountain in the middle Jomon period (4, 500 years ago) It has been done that it was supplying to a wide area. The scenery of Terasaka rice terrace is a precious heritage developed by the predecessor over a long period of time. According to the "New Musashi Fudo dictionary" in the late Edo period "It is in the small house Terusaka at the manor house Rokuro Yokase and it says that it is the ruins of a man who is a god of evangelism.In a continuation there is a Machiya with a place called Imaichi City It is considered to be a place opened in old days in Yokase Town. Today, I told Mr. Yokase&39;s trace and Ichiichi had an old tomb of the people who lived in this place. Hakusan company in "Waterpark Shirayama" is a tower designated tangible cultural property "Imaiichi&39;s stone pagoda" is settled as a god body, which is an assembled ceremonial treasure tower made of chlorite schist, the second year of Wulan (1445) inscription Engrave. It is an important cultural asset that shows the relationship with Mr. Yokase. There are the small places names that are transmitted to Terasaka, such as "Douzai" "Silonoato" "Naka ​​Terasaka" "Abda" "Dekurimbo", each telling a history. The northern side of the Maruyama forest road which climbed to the end of the rice terrace was a depression until landfill a few decades ago, there was a stone tower, and it was reported as a temple mark. This is the most influential tradition concerning the place name of "Terasaka".

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auto-translate Yokasecho的Terasaka Terasaka Terasaka Rice Terrace位于Chibibu盆地的东部,位于Kibuyama山以南,位于Yokose河(Arakawa支流)和支流Sogawa河的交汇处。海拔230米-270米,下排Kawarada与上排丸山林道之间海拔差距为40米,稻田共有330个稻田,东西长400米,南北长250米,约5公顷。在南侧有一个名为“Terasaka遗址”的绳文遗址,它被称为人们很久以前居住的地方。它也是一个视野,你想要山的石头。在Terasaka Rice Terrace以南流动的Yokose河在远古时与Sosawa河汇合处向南流动了很长的距离,在大约200米的地方转了一圈,再次在水稻梯田的西侧流过。现在的市民大厅位于这条古老的河床上,由这条流道形成,突出的梯田被称为“Butteyama”。坎巴2(1742年),领海因洪水破坏而分裂,转变为当前的流动路径。 Terasaka的地形很古老,估计在2万年前的最后冰川时代之前,它是从Takashino Shinzan流出的Sawazawa河的冲积扇。在Terasaka遗迹,挖掘调查发现了坑洼住宅和石斧,使用在绳文中期(4,500年前)分布在高野山的米科诺绿色岩石的岩石大量生产抛光石轴它已经完成,它提供给广泛的领域。 Terasaka水稻梯田的风景是前人长期开发的珍贵遗产。根据江户时代晚期的“新武藏福都词典”“在庄园的小屋中的坂坂Rokuro Yokase,并且说是作为传福音之神的男人的废墟。在继续有一个叫做今市的地方的町屋它被认为是在Yokase镇过去开放的地方。今天,我告诉了Yokase先生的踪迹,Ichiichi有一个住在这个地方的人们的旧墓。白山水上乐园的白山公司是指定塔楼的有形文化财产“今义石塔”作为神体定居,是由绿泥石片岩组成的仪式宝塔,乌兰二年(1445)铭文斩。这是一个重要的文化资产,显示了与约濑先生的关系。有一些小地方名称被传送到Terasaka,例如“Douzai”“Silonoato”“Naka Terasaka”“Abda”“Dekurimbo”,每个都讲述了历史。 Maruyama森林公路的北侧爬到水稻梯田的尽头是几十年前的垃圾填埋场,有一座石塔,据报道它是一座寺庙标志。这是有关“Terasaka”地名的最有影响力的传统。


 横瀬町寺坂棚田秩父盆地 の東部、武甲山 を南方に仰ぎ、横瀬川(荒川支流)とその支流曽沢川との合流点
文遺跡があり、昔から人々が居住した所として知られている。正面には武甲山 の雄姿を望む展望の場でもある。
 寺坂棚田 の南を流れる横瀬川は、古くは曽沢川との合流点で大きく南に流路をとり200mほどでUターンして
 寺坂棚田 の景観は、長い年月をかけて先人が開発した貴重な遺産である。江戸後期の「新編武蔵風土記稿」に
よれば「屋敷跡 小名寺阪にあり。横瀬六郎左衛門なる者の邸跡なりと云伝う。その続きに字今市と云る所には


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