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auto-translate Lotus Lotus Kozan Main donation Yoshimichi Yoshiwa March 16 (1616) Mr. Oda&39;s lineage Hosoda Hirata (converted from Zen sect) and Matsuya Iehiro and others founded as a hall of good hospitality day honor. Yoshinaga anniversary (around 1624 ~ 25) Honmonda Roppongi interlude six and half he built. Mr. Hirata Masumi (1629 - 87) from the third generation from Genji Hirata is a Kyoto resident merchant living in the financial industry such as "Daimyo rental", at that time, Mr. Motoyama Kamiji temple, who is a scrivener of Hokkaido Talk I devoted himself deeply to the 19th generation. Those that consulted those talks existed in the Hirata family of Kagawa prefecture Onohara-shi (Kanoncho-shi Ohnohara-cho in Kagawa prefecture?) And it is valuable material for Mune. The fourth son of that Masumi came to work as a scholarly student councilor, and became the apprentice&39;s superior such as the Takahashi Hospital. At present there are several bamboo shoots of the hand-drawn family of the time at the Yamato Enhancement Base. In other words, Hirata got the cast of goods as the center at the time of conversion, and this mountain was made a turning temple of the family. Hirata family is a famous family in the history of Nichiren Buddhism, there is something meaningful that the birthplace of the family is Mountain. In the third year of Paganas (1706), the ninth century Buddhist sun Nigiri people built the current storehouse. It is built with the will of the Eighth century Higashi Nikken god man in the rude bill - It is the carpenter Ishibashi - cho assistance. In the Meiji 20 (1887), the 32nd Grand Prix Hikobamite established the current main hall. Oyama priest

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auto-translate 莲花莲花Kozan主要捐赠Yoshimichi Yoshiwa 3月16日(1616)小田先生的血统平田细胞(从禅宗转换而来)和Matsuya Iehiro等人作为良好的招待日荣誉的大厅而建立。 Yoshinaga周年纪念日(约1624~25)Honmonda Roppongi介入他建造的六个半。来自平井源吉的第三代平田真澄先生(1629-87)是生活在金融行业的京都居民商人,如“大名出租”,当时是北海道谈话的代言人本山先生寺。我十分致力于第十九代。咨询那些会谈的人在香川县小原市的平田家族(香川县的Kanoncho-shi大野原町?)存在,并且是Mune的有价值的材料。那位Masumi的第四个儿子作为一名学术学生委员来到这里工作,并成为高桥医院等学徒的上司。目前在大和增强基地有几个手绘家庭的竹笋。换句话说,平田在转换时以货物为中心,这座山成了家庭的转折之都。平田家族是日莲佛教历史上的一个着名家族,有一个有意义的家庭出生地是山。在Paganas的第三年(1706年),九世纪的佛教太阳Nigiri人建造了现在的仓库。它是用8世纪的东日建神人的意志建造的粗鲁法案 - 这是木匠石桥町协助。在明治20年(1887年),第32大奖赛Hikobamite建立了现在的主要大厅。小山牧师

日蓮宗蓮光山本要寺 緣起
元和 2年3月(1616年) 織田氏 の系統である平田源治 (禅宗より改宗)や松屋伊兵衛
らが善住院日誉上人を開山として創立。寛永 年間(1624~25頃)本堂間ロ七間奥
行六間半を建立した。 平田源治より三代目の平田正澄 (1629~87)は、「大名貸し
等の金融業を営む京都在住の豪商 で、当時、洛中日蓮宗本山 で行われた法華談義説法者
である本山立本寺第19世上人に深く帰依 した。それら談義を聞書きしたものが香川県大
野原市(香川県観音寺市大野原町 か?)の平田家 に現存しており宗門にとって貴重な資料となっている。
寶永 3年(1706)には第9世顕壽院日如上人が現在の庫裡 を建立した。
棟札 には第8世正院日建上人の遺言を以て建立・大工石橋町勘助とある。


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