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auto-translate Yoshitsuki (Yoshimizu Township) This area around here is called "Yoshitsura". In old days it was called "Yoshimizu Township" and was a scenic spot of the heavenly treasure blessed with rich forests and clean "water". In the first year of the first year of the first calendar year (1184) "Omi nation notes funeral notation" announced in September, this place is introduced as one of the eighty Omi nation scenic spots at that time. On the south side there are many ponds where the forest of "Touga mountain" and Izumi (Izumi of Kousuke) springs, there was famous "Masuji Temple" in the east. And this road is "Nakasendo". It is an ancient "Higashiyama", and it has mirrored the era as a trunk road from the capital to Dongkok. In the Kamakura period, when Moriyama became an important station road (innkeeping) following Otsu, Putuo and Nojo and was designated as the sixty-seventh in-store counted from the Nihonbashi in Edo in the Edo period, "Yoshitsuki" Shibuyama "together with" Imabjuku "as a" camp "in Moriyama Honjuku. This place is where the "Taga" of Yoshio Kasei stood. At the border between Honjuku and the campus, the river was swept and marked. This river that flows is referred to as "Ise Togawa (Ise River River)". As a tributary of the "Miyagi River" which receives the flow of the Yasu River and spring water, the amount of water is cold and pure, and the water of the river has been useful as a drinking water of a traveler, and has also played a role as a fire protection water at the lodging place. In the village, it is rare, flowing quickly, blessed with the surrounding environment, nurtured many kinds of fish, and it has been popular as a river of "Genji firefly" occurrence at the same time. After the era of water quality deterioration of about 40 years since the latter half of the Showa Dynasty, the Yoshino river recently began to regain its pure purity again. As a testimony, it was revealed that Genji fireflies showed their beautiful appearance, and the local residents&39; association began a movement to "clean the river always". As if the Moriyama city celebrated its 30th anniversary of the municipal system, as a memorial project to rebuild the environment of the river, maintaining the river where clean water always flows, aiming to create a community of "firefly is a good lodging". Heisei 13 (2001) Yosihisa Hayashi Nakamachi Self-Assembly Association "Water and Firefly Promotion Committee"

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auto-translate Yoshitsuki(Yoshimizu Township)这里的区域被称为“Yoshitsura”。在过去,它被称为“吉水乡”,是天堂宝藏的风景区,拥有丰富的森林和干净的“水”。在第一个日历年的第一年(1184年),“Omi国家注意到葬礼记谱法”于9月宣布,这个地方被引入当时的八十个近江国家风景名胜区之一。在南侧有许多池塘,其中有“Touga山”的森林和和泉(Kousuke的Izumi)泉水,东面有着名的“Masuji寺”。这条路是“Nakasendo”。它是一个古老的“东山”,它反映了从首都到东谷的主干道时代。在镰仓时代,当森山成为继大津,普陀和Nojo之后的重要的车站路(保管),并被指定为江户时代江户的日本桥的第67个店铺,“Yoshitsuki” Shibuyama“与”Imabjuku“一起作为森山本宿的”营地“。这个地方是Yoshio Kasei的“Taga”所在的地方。在Honjuku和校园之间的边界,河流被清扫和标记。这条流动的河流被称为“Ise Togawa(伊势河河)”。作为接受亚苏河和泉水流动的“宫城河”的支流,水的数量是冷的和纯净的,河水作为旅行者的饮用水是有用的,并且在住宿地也起到了防火水的作用。在村里,它很少见,流动迅速,周围环境得天独厚,养育了许多种鱼类,同时也是一种流行的“源氏萤火虫”。自昭和王朝后半年水质恶化大约40年后,吉野河最近又开始重新获得纯净的纯净。作为证词,据透露,源氏萤火虫表现出美丽的外表,当地居民协会开始了“始终清洁河流”的运动。好像森山市庆祝市政系统建立30周年,作为重建河流环境的纪念项目,维持干净的水总是流淌的河流,旨在建立一个“萤火虫是一个很好的住宿”的社区。 Heisei 13(2001)Yosihisa Hayashi Nakamachi自组装协会“水与萤火虫推进委员会”

この辺り一帯を「吉身」という。古くは『吉水郷』と称し、ゆたかな森林ときれいな「水」に恵まれた天下の景勝地であった。元暦元年(# 1184)九月に発表された『近江国注進風土記 』には、当時の近江国景勝地八十個所 の一つとしてこの地が紹介されている。南側は『都賀山 』の森と醴泉 (こさけのいずみ)が湧く数々の池があり、東に有名な『益須寺 』があった。そしてこの街道は「中山道 」である。古えの「東山道 」にあたり、都から東国への幹線道として時代を映し出してきた。
鎌倉時代に、大津・勢多・野路に次いで守山が重要な駅路(宿駅 )となり、江戸時代に江戸の日本橋から数えて六十七番目の宿場に指定されたとき、「吉身」はその西の「今宿」とともに守山本宿の「加宿 」として宿場の役割を分担した。ここは吉身加宿の『高札 』が立っていた所である。本宿と加宿の境には川が流されてその標とした。流れるこの川を「伊勢戸川伊勢殿川 )」という。野洲川 の伏流と湧き水を戴く「宮城川 」の支流として水量多く冷たく清らかで、川の水は旅人の飲料水としても重宝がられ、宿場の防火用水としての役目も果たしてきた。里中にしては珍しく流れが早く周囲の環境に恵まれて多種類のさかなたちを育み、同時に「ゲンジボタル」の発生の川としても親しまれてきた。
平成十三年(# 2001)  早春


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