auto-translate 日本客栈和松崎客栈的国道六本木客栈和松坂都是小型住宿,但农民的重...



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auto-translate The national highway Roppongi inn and Matsukasa in Nipponki inn and Matsuzaki inn were small lodgings, but the farmers&39; important place of earnings was the source of cash income. According to the record of the 12th year of Culture (1829), there are 69 houses in Jinniki-in, two other temples (Monk 6, Ninhachi), and the horse used for transporting people and luggage is prescribed two Fifteen animals and twenty nine agricultural horses. The distance between Shinjuku and Matsuzaki lodges is a half way (about 2 kilometers), but in reality it is a camping camp in Saitama with a branch of Matsuzaki at the top of the town with a branch on the 15th and a Matsusaki at the bottom, It was the same. The wholesale shop, which is the center of the post office town, was two houses, Sasaya and Oya. Honjin where the nobility such as Daimyo stays, Honjin in preparation for preparing for when it is not enough in the main line, etc. It was normal to have Honjin Honjin, but in the Jinchi-Matsuzaki inn, without special headquarters, There was intervals, and facilities for defense were made. The general haircut store was two houses, Nakadaya and Yoka ya. Because of the break, there were two cases of teahouses, Kanemon tea shop and Tenjin tea shop, and Kanemon tea house was said to be a tea house. There was a chaplain in the house of the wholesaler. This was also the standard of the milestone. Besides this, there are a lot of people holding a horse and a person&39;s legs, etc. Also there are dwellings such as a couple head and horse fingers, unlike other towns. Nakamori village history Chapter 8 from Nipponki inn and Matsuzaki inquiry | Ni forest / Matsuzaki inn retention study group --- Hokkoku Highway office

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auto-translate 日本客栈和松崎客栈的国道六本木客栈和松坂都是小型住宿,但农民的重要收入来源是现金收入的来源。根据文化十二年(1829年)的记录,在Jinniki-in有69个房屋,另外还有另外两个寺庙(Monk 6,Ninhachi),用于运送人员和行李的马被规定为两个十五只动物和二十九只农业马。新宿和松崎旅馆之间的距离是一半(约2公里),但实际上它是埼玉县的露营营地,镇上有松崎的一个分支,15号分支,底部有松崎,它是一样的。批发商店是邮局镇的中心,是两个房子,Sasaya和Oya。大名等贵族居住的本津,在主线不充分的准备准备的本津等。有本津本津的正常,但是在金池 - 松崎客栈,没有特别的总部,有间隔,并且有防御设施。一般的理发店是两个房子,Nakadaya和Yoka ya。由于休息,有两个茶馆,Kanemon茶店和天神茶店,据说Kanemon茶馆是茶馆。批发商的房子里有一位牧师。这也是里程碑的标准。除此之外,还有很多人拿着马和一条腿的腿等。还有一些住宅,如夫妇的头和马指,不像其他城镇。 Nakamura村庄历史第8章从Nipponki旅馆和Matsuzaki调查| Ni森林/ Matsuzaki旅馆保留研究小组--- Hokkoku高速公路办公室

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