auto-translate 这是一座建在Ryukawa左岸悬崖上的大门,流经Kameyama...



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auto-translate It is a gate built on the cliff of the left bank of the Ryukawa flowing through the boundary between Nishimachi and Nomura at the western edge of the Kameyama gate. According to "Futsumi Five Collections", it is said that it was completed by Hirofumi in 2002 (1665) by Kameyama Kamehara of Kameyama domain lord. It was positioned as the castle gate of the Kameyama castle general structure together with the Edo mouth gate built in Higashi-cho in the first year of next second cutoff (167), and the east and west of the castle where the Tokaido penetrates through the construction of both gates was drawn. Kyoguchi gate was standing at Ishigaki in the corner of the gate, the gate and the white wall, and was monitoring the passers-by. In addition, the slope that leads to the gate bends to the right and left, and it is said that Karatachi was planted on both sides of the road to prevent sudden intrusion. In the Taisho 3 rd year, the way to climb the slope was stopped because the Kyoguchi bridge was hung, but in the long run it looked up from the bottom of the hill and it was magnificent as the gate and the point towering figure was magnificent, so two of the things that passed in Kameyama It was enough to be chitographed with Kyoguchi gates at Ichiya Sukumetsu. Utagawa Hiroshige "Tokaido Gomogi Sanzu" followed by "Snow Sun" and other scenic landscapes. Kyoguchi Monkey old photo Utagawa Hiroshige Tokaido Gokusozo next Next Kameyama "Yukiharu" (Yoshido version) Heisei 20 Heisei 20 March Kameyama Board of Education

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auto-translate 这是一座建在Ryukawa左岸悬崖上的大门,流经Kameyama大门西边的Nishimachi和Nomura之间的边界。根据“Futsumi Five Collections”,据说由Hirofumi于2002年(1665年)由Kameyama域领主Kameyama Kamehara完成。在下一个第2次切断(167)的第1年,和在东町建造的江户口门一起被定位为龟山城堡总体结构的城堡门,并且东海道穿过两个门的建筑的城堡的东部和西部被画出。 Kyoguchi门站在门口,大门和白墙角落的石垣,正在监视路人。另外,通向大门的斜坡向左右弯曲,据说卡拉泰基在道路两侧种植,以防止突然入侵。在大正第3年,由于京口桥被悬挂,因此停止攀登斜坡的方式,但从长远来看它从山脚向上看起来很壮观,因为大门和点高耸的人物都很壮观,因此在龟山经过了两件事。在Ichiya Sukumetsu与Kyoguchi门进行chitographed就足够了。 Utagawa Hiroshige“Tokaido Gomogi Sanzu”紧随其后的是“Snow Sun”等风景名胜。 Kyoguchi Monkey老照片Utagawa Hiroshige Tokaido Gokusozo下一个下一个Kameyama“Yukiharu”(Yoshido版)Heisei 20 Heisei 3月20日Kameyama教育委员会


 亀山宿 の西端、西町と野村の境を流れる竜川左岸の崖上に築かれた門である。
 『丸々五集』によれば、亀山藩主板倉重常 によって寛文一二年(一六七二)に完成したとされる。翌延宝元年(一六七三)に東町に築かれた江戸口門とともに亀山城 総構の城門として位置付けられ、両門の建設によって東海道が貫通する城下の東西が画された。



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