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auto-translate Koime Prince Shrine (Legend) Once upon a time, Princess Omiya, an absurdly beautiful woman who came from the local light sand, went to the courtroom and became Prince Prince of the Asuka period, Princess Diocese of the Chuo Daisho. A pruned (cut) prince was born, but it came to buy the envy of other clans, and the hands of persecution extended. So Princess Omiya hid herself in the light sand where he was born with the prime brook. Chuo Nakao destroyed the nemesis, the Soga clan with the midterm of 645 (later Fujiwara) Kamakudo, became Emperor Tenshi in 668. This is Taika&39;s revolution. Principally cut off, Mother and Child was recalled back to the City of Flowers and I was able to live an elegant life. But when the emperor Tenzo collapsed for a long time after the revolution of Taika, the world was disarrayed and the brother of the Emperor (also said to be actually not a younger brother) Prince Omi is a son of Emperor Tenchi, Emperor Tenchi Battle, Otomoto successfully destroyed the power of the empress (recognized by the Emperor Hirofumi from the Meiji era) and reigned as Emperor Temmi in 672. This is the ranslation trouble. Fumiko Imperial Family of the Tenchi Emperor Faction who was defeated in battle escaped back to the place of light sand where it was born again. The villagers of Hirahara and light sand are deeply saddened by the bad luck of the cuts and it is said that they have built a shrine here and have continued festivals of the Holy Spirit for many years. Produced June, Heisei 25

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auto-translate Koime Prince Shrine(传说)曾经,来自当地轻沙滩的荒谬美丽的女人公主大宫,前往法庭,成为明日大王太子王朝的王子王子。一个修剪过的王子出生了,但是它收购了其他氏族的嫉妒,并且迫害的手扩大了。因此,大宫公主将自己藏在了他出生的主要溪流所在的浅滩中。中央Nakao摧毁了克星,Soga氏族中期645(后藤原)Kamakudo,在668年成为天皇天皇。这是Taika的革命。母亲和孩子主要被切断,回到花城,我能过上优雅的生活。但是,当大帝天子在大卡革命后坍塌了很长一段时间后,这个世界被打乱了,皇帝的兄弟(据说实际上不是弟弟)是太子天皇的儿子,天王天皇战役中,Otomoto成功摧毁了皇后的权力(明治时期Hirofumi皇帝认可),并于672年统治了泰米帝皇。这是转义麻烦。在战斗中被击败的天赐帝派的富美子皇帝逃回到了再次出生的轻沙地。平原和轻砂村的村民对切割的不幸感到深深的悲痛,据说他们在这里建了一座神殿,并持续多年的圣灵节日。 6月出品,平成25

切目王子神社 (伝承)
 昔々、当地軽砂のご出身で絶世の美女、大宮姫 は朝廷に出仕し、飛鳥時代の皇太子、中大兄皇子 の妄后姫となりました。切目(切部)王子が生まれたが他氏族の妬みを買う事になり、迫害の手が延びてきました。
 そこで大宮姫は切目王子と一緒に生まれ在所の軽砂に身を隠しました。中大兄皇子は645年中臣(のち藤原)鎌足 と一緒に宿敵、曽我一族を滅ぼし668年には天智天皇 になりました。これが大化の改新 です。
 しかし大化の改新以後、長きに渡り政治の中心にあった天智天皇が崩壊すると、世は乱れ天皇の弟(実際は弟ではなかったとも言われる)大海人王子 は天智天皇の子、大友皇子と戦い、大友皇子(明治以後 弘文天皇に認められる)勢力を滅ぼし672年 天武天皇 として即位しました。これが、壬申の大乱 であります。


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