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auto-translate Title Governor of Tokyo Governor Seiichiro Yasui When opening the shogunate in Edo of Mr. Tokugawa, measuring the public&39;s dwelling water by arranging the city through the road drinking water such as the main drinking water from the Inoue pond etc. At the time of reaching the doorway and increasing difficulty in countermeasures The old Matsudaira Shinpei planned the drainage of the Tamagawa by doing the towncollection Masayuki Kamio grand prize Year 2 years Tama gun Hamura&39;s creator of Shoemon Gateonemon Brothers There is a water supply touched Inspection of the high and low of the land Infering a lot of difficulty in Muhuma village A lot of weirs are built in Muhuma village with a lot of hardships Passing waterways to Edo Yotsuya and bringing in the Tamagawa Koizumi awarded the Shogunate drinking citizens Awards and Tamagawa&39;s last name Out of the Meiji government and ranked fifth in the ranking Since the scale gradually expanded and it became the water supply of Tokyo today, it contributed to the development of the increasingly large Tokyo, and Mr. Tamagawa lost his father I wanted to build a statue of my brothers in the traces of my life and to forever inform my appreciation of the citizens of Tokyo Sum thirty-three years in September Tamagawa brothers Dozo Construction Committee 會建 Tokyo cultural property expert committee Inamura Tanmoto Sen&39;otori bamboo 1151 確謹 Statement

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auto-translate 东京都知事濑一郎知事在德川先生的江户开幕式时,通过井上池塘等主要饮用水等道路饮用水来安排市内的公共住宅用水。到达门口,增加对策的难度老松田新平通过城镇集合Masayuki Kamio大奖计划多摩川的排水年2年多摩枪羽村的Shoemon Gateonemon的创造者兄弟有供水接触检查土地的高低在Muhuma村有很多困难许多堰在Muhuma村建造了很多困难通过水道到江户Yotsuya带来Tamagawa小泉授予Shogunate饮酒公民奖和玉川的姓氏明治政府出局并排名第五自从规模逐渐扩大并成为今天东京的供水以来,它为日益庞大的东京的发展做出了贡献,玉川先生失去了他的父亲我希望在我生命的痕迹中建立一个我兄弟的雕像,并永远让我对东京市民的感激之情总和33年九月玉川兄弟DOZO建委会建东京文化财产专家委员会稻村Tanmoto Sen&39;otori竹1151确谨声明

表題 東京都知事安井誠一郎書
徳川氏の江戸に幕府を開くや市街を整え道路を通じ衆庶の安住を計る 飲用水その主要なるを以て先に井頭溜池 等の水を引いて之に充つ 三代家光 の時に至って戸口増加し更にその対策に苦慮す 老中松平信綱 は町奉行神尾元勝 等をして多摩川の引水を計画せしむ 承應二年多摩郡羽村の生縁なる庄右衛門清右衛門 の兄弟あり触く水利に通じ土地の高低を察し幾多苦辛の未羽村 に堰を設け水路を江戸四谷 に通じて多摩川上水を引入れ以って市民の飲用の供す 幕府表彰して玉川 の姓を免じて士分に列し明治政府また従五位を追贈す 爾来三百余年その規模は漸次拡大して今日の東京都の水道となり益々大東京の発展に寄与せり 茲に玉川氏往年創業の跡に兄弟の銅像 を建設し東京都民の感謝の意を永遠に傳えんと欲す
玉川兄弟 銅造建設委員會建
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