auto-translate 对于经过Nakasendo的旅客来说,这是一个很好的休息场所,因...



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auto-translate It is a good resting place for travelers who pass through Nakasendo because it is a celebration and this is a good view of the surroundings. There is a pine tree in the vicinity, many pine cones (child of pine) are attached, such as kozo pine. It is said that children and grandchildren continue to have a good auspicious spot because the maid cages (grandchildren) can be seen through this branch of the pine tree. Therefore, when the princess passed, such as building a temporary palace here often took a break. Culture first year (1804) When traveling through the Shinto shrine (Saizanomiya) who went down to the source of the 12th generation shogunate Kei, built the temporary palace between the six places and the eight plots. The first line of Wadamiya who went down to Shogun Shogun the 14th generation Shogun&39;s house was a god that laid a tatami mat with pillars and boards of the Japanese cypress from the warehouse of the Iwamura Domain It was a holiday to build. Local people told that this god was lacquer paint, and I call this a princess princess.

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auto-translate 对于经过Nakasendo的旅客来说,这是一个很好的休息场所,因为这是一个庆祝活动,这是一个很好的周围景观。附近有一棵松树,附有许多松果(松子),如松子。据说子孙们继续有一个好的吉祥点,因为可以通过这棵松树的树枝看到女仆的笼子(孙辈)。因此,当公主过世时,比如在这里建造临时宫殿时常会休息一下。文化元年(1804年)在从第12代幕府根的源头出发的神社(Saizanomiya)旅行时,在6个地方和8个地块之间修建了临时宫殿。 Wadamiya的第一行,第14代Shogun家的幕府将军是幕府将军,他是一位从Iwamura Domain的仓库中铺上日本柏树的支柱和木板的榻榻米这是一个假期来建立。当地人告诉说,这个神是漆画,我称之为公主公主。

 ここを祝峠 といい、周囲の展望がよいので、中山道 を通る旅人にとってはかっこうの休憩地だった。この近くに松の大木があり、松かさ(松の子)が多くつき、子持松といった。この子持松の枝越しに馬籠(孫目)が見えるため、
 文化元年(# 1804 )十二代将軍家慶 のもとへ下向した楽宮 (さざのみや)のご通行のときは、六帖と八帖二間の仮御殿を建てた。文久元年(# 1861 )十四代将軍家茂 のもとへ下向した和宮 のご一行は、岩村藩 の御用蔵から運んだ桧の無節の柱や板と白綾の畳を敷いた御殿を建てて御休みになった。


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