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auto-translate Field General shrine hikawa shrine Hikawa shrine, Buddhist great bird's nest played respect, odd rice field life and large 已 precious lives and Takada General shrine became. That the years 869 and Shin chuan desire.
Tokugawa 3 Brigadier General Iemitsu Park hawking took his cult Li repeated his prayer and oosetsuke (TIS given), dynasties except (kosekinozokichi) or removing said.
Meiji 2, ice shrine and was renamed the first bright 里氷 River Palace, after the ice River God and Bong, 11/8/5 was established in the village, the 5/4/40 specified in the ambrosial pyebaek is sometimes served fee advance shrine let from you.
TAKATA shrine hikawa Jinja shrine is now approximately 1130 869 during the Heian period more than once in the reign of seiwa Emperor 56 per year (859-877), is reportedly the enshrinement in this area.
Duke of Ariwara no Narihira, one of the six best Waka poets of the Kokin Wakashū also frequenting our visit was.
Kamakura, Muromachi and Edo period Samurai respecting high, your dedication of the benefactors of the merchants, artisans, and farmers often observed in Edo-late. Jinja main road in Kamakura kaidō.
Road percent near the shrine of Edo pooled at the time and still have not changed much.
Edo meisho Zue, shimmering Golden looking glass bridge, Kanda josui (River) around the Inada is boundless and can spread "hikawa rice'.

Torii, guardian, Stone lanterns, tamagaki have registered as cultural heritage in Toshima-Ku.
Karita Great bird's nest played life (when ease of use hatchet)... hikawa shrine main shrine.
Brother of Amaterasu Omikami, the eight-headed serpent myth famous.

Good-luck charm, happo-one aside, graduations, game, luck and bet takamasa, etc.
Odd rice field life (comb Inada Princess Amaterasu)... his wife's great bird's nest played.
Home safety and pray for good match, etc. Large 已 precious lives (onamuchi matchless's only)... and in your descendants of the great bird's nest played life and odd rice field, life, etc of the main shrine of Izumo-Taisha okuninushi life (many with only your) has many names.
Inaba White Rabbit mythology, a small country myths and Meishin

Thriving business, illness, surgical success, luck, etc.
Within the shrine... Takada Hime Inari Shrine ", where ogami others all 10 pillars Bong Shinsaibashi to have" Saruda Gen life shinmei shrine ' Amaterasu ' and travelers ' guardian deity

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auto-translate 字段一般神社冰川靖国神社

冰川神社,佛教大鸟巢演奏的尊重、 奇数水稻领域生活和大已宝贵的生命和高田一般神社成为了。 869 年和 Shin 川的愿望。 德川 3 准将一般德川家光公园霍金花了他的个人崇拜李重复他的祈祷和 oosetsuke (TIS 给出),朝代除外 (kosekinozokichi) 或删除说。
明治 2 冰神社,改名为第一的明亮里氷河宫后冰河神, 和邦,在村里成立了 11/8/5、 40/5/4 在烤肉 pyebaek 中指定有时早餐费提前神社让从你。
高田神社冰川神社现在大约 1130年 869 平安不止一次在期间统治的政和皇帝 56 每年 (859-877),据说在这一领域确立。
Ariwara 公爵没有成平,也经常光顾我们的访问科锦 Wakashū 六最好的和歌诗人之一了。
镰仓、 室町和尊重高的江户时期武士,你奉献的恩人的商人、 工匠和农民经常观察在江户后期。
神社在镰仓街道的主干道。 路 %附近的神社的江户汇集在时间和仍然没有改变太多。
江户名所李雪,闪闪发光的金色玻璃看桥,神田如水 (河) 稻田周围是无边和可以传播"冰川水稻 '。
牌坊、 监护人、 石灯笼、 玉垣已注册为在丰岛的文化遗产。

伟大的鸟巢起生活 (当易于使用短柄小斧)...冰川神社主要神社。 天照大神 Omikami,8 头蛇神话著名的兄弟。
好运气的魅力、 一边的八方来客一、 毕业典礼、 游戏、 运气和打赌高昌等。

奇数稻田生活 (梳稻田公主天照大神)......他的妻子大鸟的巢演奏的。
大已宝贵的生命 (onamuchi 无比的只)......在你的这种大鸟的后裔巢发挥生活和奇怪的稻田、 生活等主要圣殿的出云泰山大国主生活 (许多只有你) 有很多名字。 因幡白兔神话的小国家神话和田
生意兴隆、 疾病、 手术成功、 运气等。

在神社...高田姬 Inari 祠",其中御神其他所有 10 都柱邦心斋桥有"
Saruda 创生活神明神社天照大神' 和旅行者的守护神

高田總鎮守 氷川神社

氷川神社は素盞鳴尊奇稲田姫命大已貴命 を奉祀り高田總鎮守なり。その創建は貞観年間と申傳ふ。徳川三代将軍家光公御鷹野の砌、御拝禮再三御祈願おおせつけられ(仰付けられ)、古跡除地(こせきのぞきち)たりしと云う。
 高田総鎮守氷川神社の創建は、今から約千百三十年以上の昔、第五十六代清和天皇 の御代である平安時代の貞観年間(八五九~八七七)に、この地に御鎮座されたと伝えられている。
 古今和歌集 の六歌仙のひとりである在原業平公も繁く御参拝された。
 江戸名所図会 では、姿見橋や神田上水(神田川)の周辺に黄金色の輝く稲田が洋洋と広がる『氷川田圃』をみることができる。

厄除け・八方除け・受験合格・勝負・開運・社運隆昌 等

家内安全・良縁祈願 等
商売繁盛・病気平癒・手術成功・金運 等

境内神社・・・高田姫稲荷神社「豊受大神 他全十柱を奉斎している」


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