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auto-translate Tomb of this Buddhist Founder Chuozan Changzhou Buddhist Temple The Tombs of the Buddhist "Kodo" who was active in the latter period of the Heian era Dynamic Dynasty was active in 1057 Tenki five years (1057) It is forty years. In the early morning, as a Buddhist, he arrived at the Higashihashi superior position for the security two years (1022). In addition, in the third year of Eiken (1048), it rises to "the eyes of the eyes" by the Buddha at the time when the restoration of "Kofukuji" of Nara was done, until "Bunraku" (to the highest priest or its position) It was the first Buddhist promoted and thus played an innovative role that Buddhist social position and honor are recognized. The name "Kangcheng" was changed to "Kangcheng", which was acquired by the elders at the "elegant lotus temple", after that, one of the tower heads said to have had twelve shrines was built "lighting hospital." And, four years after completing the Amida Nyoro image of Uji &39;s Byodoin, the deceased in Kyoto on November 1, 1057 (1057), the body was buried in elegant lotus temple. This tomb sticker is engraved as "always morning", because it is due to the name of a ladle from the court. Even now, the legal requirements are steadily being carried out annually by the "Kyoto Buddha Sculptor Association" and "Kyoto Buddhist Supreme Cooperative Association" every year. Kyoto Buddha Sculptor Association (2007) Kyoto Buddha Sculptor Association

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auto-translate 这位佛教奠基者墓座常州佛教寺庙在平安时代动态王朝活跃的佛教“科多”的陵墓活跃于1057天台五年(1057年)这是四十年。清晨,作为一名佛教徒,他到达了东桥保安两年(1022年)的高级职位。此外,在艾肯三世(1048年),在奈良的“兴福寺”修复完成时,佛陀升至“眼睛”,直到“文乐”(到最高的祭司或其位置)这是佛教的第一个推动,从而发挥佛教的社会地位和荣誉得到承认的创新作用。 “康城”改名为“康城”,由“雅莲寺”的长老们获得,之后竖立了“十二灯楼”之一的塔楼。而在1057年11月1日完成了京都逝者“宇治千层”的“阿米达Ny image”后的4年,遗体被埋葬在优雅的莲花寺内。这个坟墓标签上刻着“永远的早晨”,因为这是由于一个钢包的名字来自于法庭。即使是现在,“京都佛雕协会”和“京都佛教合作协会”每年也在逐步实行法律要求。京都佛雕塑家协会(2007)京都佛雕塑家协会


 定朝は、仏師 としてはじめて治安二年(1022)に「法橋上人位」についた。さらに永承三年(1048)には、奈良の「興福寺」の修復がなされた際の造仏により「法眼和尚位」にのぼり、「僧鋼」(高僧またはその地位を指す位)にまで昇進した最初の仏師であり、これにより仏師の社会的地位や名誉が公認されるという革新的な役割を果たした。
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