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Any tourist guidebook will give you plenty of information on Meiji Shrine or the Imperial Palace, but there’s a lot more to Japan than these big name destinations. Take a walk in any neighbourhood in Japan, and you’ll soon come across a temple or statue. Often there will be a placard describing the history of the site, but the information will only be in Japanese.

Before Monumento, the story behind these places was hidden unless you spoke Japanese. But now you can use Monumento to discover their secret past. Simply take a photo of the placard, upload it, and we’ll textize and translate the content so you too can understand these unknown gems of Japanese history.

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  • wawa
  • wawa
  • 2019/02/23 17:46
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旧京都中央電話局上分局 この建物に、大正13年(19240に営業を開始した京都中央電話 局上分局の庁舎として、逓信省 技師吉田鉄郎 の設計、清水組 の 施工により、大正2年に建築されたものである。上分局 は昭和 3...

  • tokada
  • 2019/02/17 22:53
  • (1735)

Daigoji Temple Daigoji is the headquarters of the Daigoji School of the Shingon sect of Buddhism and was regi...

  • tokada
  • 2019/02/17 22:31
  • (1098)

Origami-inari Shrine This shrine is dedicated to Uganomitama-no-kami (the great god of Inari) and two other g...

  • tokada
  • 2019/02/17 22:18
  • (1498)

Iwayaji Temple Although it belonged to the Tendai school of Japanese Buddhism and numbered one of the 3,000 s...

  • tokada
  • 2019/02/17 22:00
  • (609)

Oishi Shrine In honor of his noble undertaking as an Ako loyal retainer, Oishi Yoshio was enshrined here in the 1...

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